Moto X, Google Play Music All Access for iOS #TechTalk

The latest broadband, mobile and TV news from TODAY: New Motorola smartphone to know when it’s in your pocket, Google's music streaming service coming to Apple devices and more...

Moto X will know if it's in your pocket

US telecoms company Motorola is working on a new flagship smartphone, the Moto X, which is set to be unveiled in October. CEO Dennis Woodside says the handset will be "contextually aware". This means it will use sensors to tell whether it is in your pocket or in your hand, or whether you are driving. Did someone say Skynet?

Full story: The Next Web

Google Play Music All Access coming to Apple devices soon

Google Play Music All Access, the internet search giant's new music streaming service, which was launched two weeks ago, will be available on devices which use Apple's iPhone operating system (iOS) - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - in "a couple of weeks," according to a Google executive. Don't cancel your Spotify subscription yet though - Google Play Music All Access is a US-only service at present.

Full story: CNET

YouView used in almost 400,000 homes

YouView, the subscription-free digital and internet TV service, which launched last year, is now being used in almost 400,000 households in the UK, making it the fastest-growing TV service in the country. Around 60% of YouView viewers watch TV shows and movies using its seven-day catch-up and on-demand services every week, and on average each viewer watches seven programmes or films via catch-up and on-demand every week.

Full story: Digital Spy

TV series to be made by Amazon and LOVEFiLM revealed

Remember #TechTalk told you last month that Amazon was broadcasting 14 pilot TV shows on LOVEFiLM and asking viewers to vote which ones they would like to see made into a full series? Well the results are in, with kids' shows Annebots, Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf and comedies Apha House and Betas the five series which will be available on Amazon Instant Video and LOVEFiLM next year. #TechTalk's vote, a spinoff of the movie Zombieland, was sadly left among the walking dead.

Full story: Pocket-lint

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