Pirates 'big spenders', David Bowie in space #TechTalk

Online piracy report finds file sharers spend the most on legal downloads and a Canadian astronaut performs a David Bowie song in space. Get the latest internet and tech news in #TechTalk

Internet pirates 'spend the most money online'

A new report by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, shows people involved with online piracy spend up to four times more money on legal digital downloads of albums, movies and games than people who don't illegally download files.

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Europe accused of delaying superfast plans

The UK has accused the European Commission of holding up the superfast broadband roll-out with concerns about free market competition. The government is awaiting state aid funds, but Europe is hesitant to hand over the cash because almost every penny would be going to BT.

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Digital skills get £15m lottery boost

The Big Lottery Fund has announced an investment of £15million to support the charity Go ON UK in helping people across the UK develop the digital skills they will need in future when public services are mainly delivered online.

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Lineker and Humphrey end Twitter spat

TV sports pundits Gary Lineker and Jake Humphrey have ended a lengthy spat on Twitter. Humphrey, the new BT Sport frontman, said the situation between the pair is "all fine" now. The claws first came out when Humphrey, 34, said Lineker, 52, and the rest of the BBC's 50-something Match of the Day team, were past their sell-by date.

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Astronaut sings David Bowie song in space

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield has created a real-life Space Oddity, after sharing on YouTube a video of himself playing the classic David Bowie track. Rumours suggest it could be a fake, but it's still an absolute must-watch.

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