Samsung reveals 5G mobile plans

Mobile internet fast enough to download an entire movie in one second could be launched by Samsung as early as 2020.

Samsung has announced a major breakthrough in 5G mobile internet technology.

It means mobile broadband with speeds of up to 1GB - around 80 times faster than the 4G currently offered by EE - could be available as early as 2020, the South Korean electronics giant revealed on its blog Samsung Tomorrow.

The 'millimetre wave' technology would allow people with 5G smartphones, or whatever mobile devices we're using in seven years, to download an entire movie in one second.

Chang Yeong Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, said: "The millimetre wave band is the most effective solution to recent surges in wireless internet usage.

"Samsung's recent success in developing the adaptive array transceiver technology has brought us one step closer to the commercialisation of 5G mobile communication."

The UK is currently undergoing a mobile broadband revolution, as the 'fourth generation' of mobile communications - better known as 4G - is steadily rolled out to people with compatible smartphones and tablets, such as the latest iPad mini.

At present, EE is the UK's only major 4G provider, but rival networks including Vodafone, O2 and Three are expected to launch their own services this summer.

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