Smart TVs the 'least cool' device

People with a smart TV would still rather plug their laptop or PC into it for the 'big screen' streaming experience over home broadband.

Britain's smart TV 'revolution' is looking more unlikely than ever, as new research shows connected TV is pretty much the last thing on most people's minds.

Only 6% of people with a smart TV use it as a primary means of accessing online content, according to the latest Connected TV Tracker survey by market research gurus YouGov.

The vast majority connect the TV to other devices, such as laptops (24%) or desktop PCs (12%), for a better 'big screen' experience than that offered by the smart TV itself.

In smart TV homes with a connected set-top box - such as YouView, Virgin Media TiVo or Sky+HD - this is used by 23% as the main way to access internet TV.

Dan Brilot, media consulting director at YouGov, said there is a lack of "conscious desire" to use the online functions of smart TVs.

"People increasingly want on-demand and other internet-delivered services on the big screen. However, this trend has yet to be harnessed by the smart TV manufacturers.

"At the moment, consumers see getting online through their television as either a job for their TV provider or as an extension of their existing online devices."

It's estimated that around 13% of UK households own at least one smart TV.

The YouGov survey also found only 22% of people who have bought a smart TV did so with the intention of using its online features. Over half simply wanted an up-to-date telly and 25% only bought a smart TV because their previous set had broken.

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