Brits waste £5.8m on apps they don't use

Tesco Mobile survey finds only a third of smartphone apps we download are actually used on a regular basis.

Smartphone users in the UK spend £5.8million a year on apps they don't use.

A survey by Tesco Mobile has shown that the average smartphone has 23 apps installed on it, yet only a third are actually used more than a couple of times a week.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, fitness apps are the most neglected of all.

However, despite filling our smartphones with software we rarely even use, only 10% of us regularly take the time to clear out unwanted apps.

Of the people surveyed, 15% admitted they never delete any apps.

Simon Groves, chief marketing officer at Tesco Mobile, said: "With so many apps readily available, it's tempting to get app happy and download those that seem like a good idea at the time but are likely to never get used.

"A bit of savvy shopping, making the most of top-notch free apps and giving your phone a bit of a clear out will make space for what you need and save you money at the same time."

The survey also revealed how many of us don't know the people in our phone's contact list. It found the average Brit has 66 contacts, but can't recall who 10% of them are.

Earlier this month, research by Microsoft found £30million has been spent on apps by children using parents' devices without permission.

Over a quarter of parents with a tablet or smartphone said their kids had made at least one unauthorised app-based transaction, with over 83% only finding out when a receipt showed up in their emails.

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