Wireless broadband 'thieves' exposed

Research has found the most common causes of poor Wi-Fi signal in homes. And there are some very unlikely suspects...

If you have pet a goldfish it could be hijacking your wireless broadband network.

That's according to new research into what causes wobbly Wi-Fi in homes with a wireless router. The study exposed some unlikely culprits, including - you guessed it - fish.

Virgin Media conducted a detailed study and found all kinds of household items - mainly electrical appliances, but also the water in fish tanks - can interfere with wireless broadband, reducing the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Among the worst offenders are cordless phones, microwaves and baby monitors.

Alex Brown, Virgin Media's head of broadband product experience, said: "With so many 'broadband-its' on the loose, we're concerned consumers don't fall prey to unnecessary signal sabotage and can always get the most out of their cracking fibre broadband.

"The good news is there are easy steps people can take to thwart items responsible for Wi-Fi interference."

Virgin Media's tips include leaving space around the router and placing it high up, helping the Wi-Fi signal to spread far and wide. It also recommended avoiding wireless technology - such as cordless phones - that use radio waves on the 2.4GHz band.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Virgin Media would soon unveil a new version of its Super Hub router, provided free of charge to all broadband customers.

Powered by the latest 'dual band' technology, the new Super Hub will enable access to both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless channels simultaneously. This should, in theory, provide a more reliable home broadband connection.

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