Xbox One price, Arrested Development a hit #TechTalk

The latest broadband, mobile and TV news from TODAY: Amazon reveal how much the new Xbox might cost, Netflix users arrested by new Arrested Development series and more...

Xbox One to cost £599.99?

While tech giant Microsoft has yet to confirm how much the Xbox One, the successor to its Xbox 360 video games console, will cost, has "taken a punt" on the price, listing it at £599.99, while lists it at €599 (£510). In comparison the Xbox 360 costs £209 in its most basic form.

Full story: Pocket-lint

Arrested Development a hit on Netflix

A preliminary report by network intelligence company Procera indicates the long-awaited fourth season of US sitcom Arrested Development, which debuted exclusively through online movie and TV streaming service Netflix on Sunday, was a "bonafide success," with one in 10 viewers watching all 15 new episodes by Monday morning.

Full story: Mashable

Sky to scrap faster BE broadband upload speeds?

Following its purchase of O2's and BE's broadband and phone services earlier this year, Sky could scrap the faster upload speeds that some BE broadband packages offer. Sky's director of communications products Lyssa McGowan told BE forum users Sky is unlikely to install the technology needed to support faster upload speeds.

Full story: ISPreview

iPhone 5 and budget iPhone on their way?

Apple may unveil "a revised version of the iPhone 5 and another low-cost iPhone" as soon as next month or by September at the latest, according to "industry sources in Taiwan". The low-cost model is reported to have a similar specification to the iPhone 4S, but with a lower specification display and processor.

Full story: DIGITIMES

Nexus 5 won't be made by LG

It looks unlikely that the next Google Nexus smartphone will be made by LG. The European vice-president of the South Korean electronics company behind the well-received Nexus 4 said it no longer needs the boost provided by producing phones for Google, and will instead focus on its own take on Android, Google's mobile operating system.

Full story: T3

Famous people on Facebook to get verified accounts

And finally, Facebook is introducing verified accounts from today, with the accounts of big brands and businesses, celebrities, politicians and more to be given blue tick verification badges similar to those found on Twitter. Verification cannot be requested, but pages impersonating a well-known figure or organisation can be reported to Facebook.

Full story: TechRadar

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