Kids’ web porn warning, Yahoo! buys Tumblr #TechTalk

In today’s #TechTalk: Head teachers want kids to learn about internet porn from a young age, Yahoo! wants to buy Tumblr and superfast broadband is finally coming to Cumbria.

Yahoo! to buy Tumblr

Yahoo! looks set to buy blogging site Tumblr. Tumblr is built around creating and sharing - users can create a blog and start writing and posting pictures extremely quickly, and the site makes it easy for bloggers to find others posting about their interests. Founded in 2007, there are now over 110 million blogs on the site.

According to new reports, Yahoo! will pay $1.1 billion (£720 million) for Tumblr, and allow it to continue operating independently from the rest of the company.

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Give young kids a porn warning, say head teachers

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has stated that young children should be made aware of the dangers posed by online pornography from the moment they have internet access. That's due to the easy availability of explicit websites, and the increasing number of ways to access them, such as on smartphones to tablets.

In a survey of parents, the vast majority - more than eight in 10 - said that they thought online porn should be covered in sex education lessons. Over 40% also believe that sex education lessons should start as soon as children are old enough to go online.

Read more at The Daily Telegraph

Callers confused by phone costs, says Ofcom

Many people don't make important phone calls due to confusion over the amount they'll be charged. That's according to the telecoms regulator Ofcom, which is planning to change the system for phone numbers that start with 03, 08 and 09.

It is rather confusing; take 08 numbers for example - 0800 and 0808 numbers are free from landlines, but not necessarily from mobiles. Calls that start 087 include a charge to set up the call, 0845 numbers are included in some home phone packages and not others and so on.

Ofcom plans to simplify this system, including telling callers how much they will be charged - if at all -per minute.

Read more at BBC News

Cumbrian broadband plan ready to roll out

The European Commission has approved a broadband project in Cumbria, which aims to deploy superfast fibre broadband across the county.

The Connecting Cumbria project, which is supported by government money from Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), the government unit responsible for managing the rural broadband programme, and BT, has faced delays as it waited for approval from Europe, but with this confirmation, the way is clear for the roll-out to start.

Connecting Cumbria aims to supply at least 90% of the region with access to broadband with speeds of at least 30Mb.

Read more at in-cumbria

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Do you think kids should be taught about internet porn? Do you use Tumblr? Let us know your thoughts on any of today's stories in the comments section below.

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