Broadband news from May 2013

Broadband news from May 2013

  • Tablets like 'digital dummies' to kids

    Parents use technology as a "digital dummy" to keep children calm and occupied until late at night. But at what cost to their education? More »

  • BT Wi-Fi customers use 13,000,000,000MB

    Telecoms giant now runs five million Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and Ireland, as mobile users demand more and more smartphone data. More »

  • Ofcom declares war on nuisance calls

    Telecoms regulator will use its "full range of powers" to stop unwanted phone calls to UK landline customers. More »

  • 50bn Apple app downloads, 7m not online #TechTalk

    It’s results and reports galore in today’s #TechTalk. The Apple App Store hits its 50 billionth download, Ofcom reveals broadband availability and the Office for National Statistics lets us… More »

  • Google music streaming to rival Spotify

    The internet search giant's new subscription service will go head-to-head with online song streaming services like Spotify and More »

  • YouView box a hit with TalkTalk customers

    TalkTalk TV attracts 12,000 extra households each week as word gets around of what YouView has to offer. More »

  • Google vs Spotify, BT Sport vs Sky Sports: #TechTalk

    In today’s #TechTalk: New Google music service goes head-to-head with Spotify, Sky customers think about turning to BT Sport and why TalkTalk customers love a bit of Pi. More »

  • 4G mobile broadband comes to Glastonbury

    EE has announced its plans as Glastonbury 2013’s official tech partner, which includes tents, smartphone apps and 4G mobile broadband. More »

  • Tesco broadband now costs just £2 a month

    The supermarket is now offering the cheapest standalone broadband package available in the UK - it costs less per month than four luxury loo rolls - and Tesco Mobile… More »

  • New Nokia Lumia, 4G TV problems tested #TechTalk

    Is 4G TV interference less of an issue than expected? What’s the next Nokia Windows phone to hit the UK like? And what’s the worst time to use a… More »

  • Disney on Netflix, Facebook Home a failure? #TechTalk

    Disney films are coming to Netflix, BT shares some Wi-Fi hotspot facts, and is Facebook Home in trouble? The latest technology news from More »

  • Illegal downloaders 'try before they buy'

    Study finds people who illegally download the most movies, TV shows and music also spend the most money on legitimate downloads. More »

  • Mobile coverage to improve in rural areas

    Up to 60,000 premises and sections of road will be added to the mobile map as part of a £150million scheme. More »

  • Samsung reveals 5G mobile plans

    Mobile internet fast enough to download an entire movie in one second could be launched by Samsung as early as 2020. More »

  • Pirates 'big spenders', David Bowie in space #TechTalk

    Online piracy report finds file sharers spend the most on legal downloads and a Canadian astronaut performs a David Bowie song in space. Get the latest internet and tech… More »

  • Kids' app spending costs parents £30m

    Mums and dads get a 'bill shock' as kids run riot with tablets and smartphones, making in-app purchases without permission. More »

  • BT Infinity connects 1.3 million homes

    Fibre optic broadband from BT offers speeds of up to 76Mb in areas upgraded with superfast broadband technology. More »

  • BT Sport 'just a gimmick', claims Sky

    Satellite TV giant is angry at BT for offering sports channels free to anyone with a BT broadband package. More »

  • Sky reacts to BT Sport, Amazon phone 3D? #TechTalk

    BT Sport is dismissed as a "marketing gimmick" by Sky and new Amazon phone rumours suggest it could have a 3D screen. Get the latest mobile and tech news… More »

  • Free Wi-Fi coming to Thorpe Park

    Theme park visitors will have wireless broadband access on their smartphone. Ideal when the ride queues are long! More »