EU roaming charges, Google internet balloons #TechTalk gives you the dirt on roaming charges being scrapped in the EU, Google experimenting with balloons as a way of boosting internet access in remote areas and more...

EU roaming charges to end in 2014

Roaming charges - increased fees for making voice calls, sending texts and using mobile internet abroad - will be scrapped across the European Union next summer following a vote by the European Commission. From as soon as Monday 1 July, 2014, it will cost the same to use a mobile phone while in any EU country as it would in the EU country where the users mobile network operator is based.

Full story: The Daily Telegraph

Google broadband balloons launched

Internet search giant Google is looking to bring internet access to some of the most remote places on the planet using free-flying balloons, 15-metres in diameter, to provide speeds comparable to those of 3G mobile internet. Project Loon, as the experiment is known, is already underway, with 30 balloons having already been sent up in New Zealand.

Full story: TechRadar

Free broadband with Sky Sports

Sky is offering free broadband to those who subscribe to Sky Sports as it looks to compete with BT. For a limited time, new Sky Sports customers can get free Sky Broadband Unlimited for 12 months or free Sky Fibre Unlimited for six months. Existing Sky Sports customers can do the same, although the former offer only applies to those who don't have Sky broadband already.

Full story: broadbandchoices

Bigger iPhones on the way?

Apple is exploring iPhones with bigger screens and cheaper models available in a range of colours as it looks to keep pace with rival top-end smartphone manufacturer Samsung. The tech giant is looking at introducing an iPhone with a 4.7in screen and another with a 5.7in screen. The iPhone 5, Apple's current flagship smartphone, has a 4in screen.

Full story: Reuters

PCs used to demo Xbox One games at E3

And finally, while Microsoft demoed games for the Xbox One, its new video games console, at video games expo E3 last week, the games were actually demoed on high-end Windows 7 PCs. While demonstrating games on PCs is common practice, the fact Microsoft used Windows 7 makes it seem like it "didn't even trust" its latest operating system, Windows 8, to show the games at their best.

Full story: Cinema Blend

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