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Sky Sports to kick off football season with 7 matches

Sky Sports has flexed its muscles in the face of competition from BT Sport - set to launch in August - by announcing it will kick off its "biggest-ever season of live football" by showing seven Football League fixtures live in 10 days. The first match will be Sheffield United vs Notts County on Friday 2 August, 2013. This fixture sees the world's oldest football club visit the world's oldest professional football stadium as part of the Football League's 125th anniversary celebrations.

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Internet addiction similar to drug dependence

Compulsive internet users can show symptoms of withdrawal such as depression, similar to those shown by people attempting to get off drugs, if they suddenly stop surfing the web. This is according to research by Swansea University and the University of Milan, which found around half of the 60 young people studied spent so much time online it had a negative impact on other areas of their lives.

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World Cup 3D TV plans reconsidered

FIFA, the international governing body of football, is reconsidering its plans to broadcast matches at the 2014 World Cup in 3D. The review follows US sports television network ESPN announcing last week it is shutting down its 3D channel. FIFA said, while there was interest from several broadcasters in showing matches in Brazil in 3D, cost is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

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Walking Dead to be available exclusively on LOVEFiLM

Mega-popular zombie-based US drama series Walking Dead is now available exclusively on LOVEFiLM Instant, the video on-demand service owned by internet retailer Amazon.The first season is available now, with additional seasons to appear on the service over the next 18 months after LOVEFiLM signed a deal with TV production subsidiary Fox International Channels, making it only subscription service in the UK to have the show.

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'Tweet' enters the Oxford English Dictionary

And finally, the word 'tweet' - meaning to post on social networking website Twitter - has broken the rules to enter the Oxford English Dictionary. Traditionally a new word needs to have been in use for 10 years before being considered for inclusion in Britain's leading dictionary of the English language, but Twitter is just over seven years old. Two other Twitter-related terms - 'follow' and 'follower' - have also been added.

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