Smartphones at risk during festival season

Almost 90% of music fans will take their smartphone to a festival this summer, but only one-third of owners will protect against mobile security risks while on site.

Smartphones could pose a security risk this summer at festivals across the UK.

A survey by Symantec, the security firm behind Norton antivirus, found 89% of festival goers take their smartphone with them to music events.

In fact smartphones are more common at UK festivals than cigarette lighters - carried by just 7% of music fans - and digital cameras, which only 42% take with them.

However, it seems that as the role of smartphones expands, so do the security risks.

More than a third of smartphone owners have no security measures in place on their handset, while 10% admitted to crude forms of protections, such as taping their details onto the phone's casing in case they lose it at a festival.

Richard Cooke, mobile security expert at Norton, said: "Your phone's security is probably the last thing on your mind at a festival, but there are some easy, preventative steps you can take even before you leave home.

"There are simple software solutions available, which allow you to track your phone via GPS if you drop it in the crowd, or, if there's no hope of finding it, you can wipe all the data remotely in case it falls into the wrong hands."

Norton Mobile Security Lite, which protects smartphones against loss, theft and malware, is available as a free download for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

In the survey, 70% of people said they use their smartphone at festivals for taking photos and filming videos, while 51% said they call friends or send texts to brag about what they're seeing.

A further 38% use social media to post status updates and photos while on site.

Last week, EE launched a new mobile app to accompany this year's Glastonbury Festival, complete with a range of useful tools and content to help Glasto goers get the most out of this summer's biggest UK festival.

As well as a fully customisable schedule, interactive map and real-time Glastonbury news and information, there will also be 250 hours of live performances films across the six main stages available for streaming through the app.

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