SmartWatch 2, governments 'spy' online? #TechTalk

New wearable tech is unveiled by Sony and web founder Tim Berners-Lee claims western governments use the internet to "spy" on the unsuspecting public. Get the latest tech news in #TechTalk.

Sony SmartWatch 2 unveiled

Sony has unveiled its latest item of wearable technology. Like its predecessor, the Sony SmartWatch 2 can be paired with any Android smartphone, allowing its user to answer calls, read emails and take photos on a wrist-worn second screen.

The SmartWatch 2 has a 1.6in touch display and is crafted to be dust and water-resistant, much like Sony's Xperia Z smartphone and the larger Xperia Z Ultra, which was unveiled yesterday. Sony claims the battery in a SmartWatch 2 lasts for around four days between charges.

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Governments accused of 'spying' on web users

Tim Berners-Lee, the British engineer who developed the world wide web, has accused western governments of using the internet for "serious spying" on the public.

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Councils await cash for superfast broadband

Councils across England are still waiting for money they were allocated by the government for upgrades to local broadband infrastructure.

A survey by the Countryside Alliance found only £3million of the promised £530million funding for superfast broadband had been handed over so far.

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Super-connected cities scheme 'scaled back'

A government scheme to spend £150million creating "super-connected cities" has been drastically scaled back. The plan was to ensure fibre optic broadband speeds of up to 100Mb for around two million premises in the UK's busiest urban locations.

Following legal challenges from BT and Virgin Media, both having had concerns about the scheme benefiting rival providers, the money will now be spent giving vouchers to small businesses to help with the cost of installing fast broadband.

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YouView adds Dave on-demand

Telly fans with a YouView box will soon be able to watch Storage Hunters at any time of the day or night, as from next month the TV channel Dave, dubbed 'the home of witty banter', is to have a seven-day catch-up player built into YouView's on-demand menu.

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