Sony reveals GIANT phone, iPhone beaten? #TechTalk

Sony Xperia Z Ultra blurs line between smartphone and tablet once more, while tests show Apple's iPhone 5 is the slowest of all top-performing handsets. Read the latest tech news in today's #TechTalk.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra unveiled

There's a new contender for the title of world's biggest smartphone after Sony revealed its gigantic Xperia Z Ultra, a glossy black 4G monster boasting a massive 6.4in display, once again blurring the line between mobile phone and tablet.

Olympics chief to help with rural broadband?

Culture secretary Maria Miller, responsible for the government's rural broadband programme Broadband Delivery UK, has asked Lord Deighton, who led the 2012 Olympics organising committee, to help find cost-effective ways of reaching out-of-town areas with fast broadband.

Read the full story: The Daily Telegraph

iPhone 5 'slowest smartphone'

Tests by consumer watchdog Which? have revealed which bestselling smartphones are fastest. Embarrassingly for Apple, the iPhone 5 was found to be the slowest of the seven top-end handsets tested, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 won the race and the HTC One came second.

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Amazon MP3 Store comes to iPhone

Online retailer Amazon has now made its music downloads service Amazon MP3 Store accessible on Apple iOS devices, such as the iPhone 5 and iPod touch.

Although long overdue, it's still an interesting development considering Amazon's main music rival is iTunes, which just happens to be owned by Apple.

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YouView app for Android arrives

A smartphone app that allows anyone with a YouView box to remotely record TV shows from their mobile device is now available for Android handsets as well as Apple's iPhone and iPad. YouView's app also offers a full seven-day TV guide for over 70 channels.

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Yorkshire's slow broadband exam woes

Students in South Stainley are reportedly struggling to revise for their upcoming exams due to "frustratingly slow" internet speeds in the North Yorkshire village.

The problem is South Stainley's broadband comes from a telephone exchange seven miles away in Birstwith, drastically slowing down connections.

Sadly, the village is not earmarked to be upgraded with fibre optic broadband, which is significantly faster and relatively unaffected by distance from the exchange.

Read the full story: North Yorkshire News

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