BT increases line rental just two months after BT Sport launch

Sudden price hike is likely to disappoint the wave of new customers attracted by free BT Sport, who may only just have tied themselves into at least a 12-month contract…

BT has put up its line rental prices just weeks after a wave of new customers signed up to its home phone and broadband packages, attracted by free access to BT Sport.

From January, BT's standard line rental will rise to £15.99 a month, with the increase affecting new BT phone and broadband customers, as well as those tied into contracts.

Although most providers usually increase line rental around this time of year - it's almost become an annual tradition - some customers may still feel cheated, especially those who were already with BT and signed themselves up for another 12 months in order to get the new sports channels.

Since launching in August, BT Sport has been offered free of charge with BT broadband, but existing customers had to renew their contracts to be able to watch on TV.

A spokesperson for BT told "We'll be updating some of our prices from January 2014, following a summer in which we slashed the price of our entry level broadband for new customers by up to 12%.

"We're writing to our customers to let them know about these changes and to make it clear how they can save money with our various deals."

Our telecoms expert, Dominic Baliszewski, said: "It's been a big year for BT, with BT Sport launching on 1 August free to all BT customers. Some people might not be too annoyed about a couple of quid more on the bills, but others might be less happy.

"BT customers looking to offset this price rise should opt to pay their line rental upfront if possible. This will save you £50 over the year, which more than makes up for the increase. If you're really not happy then it might be time to go elsewhere."

BT's main rival Sky also increased its line rental this week, from £14.50 to £15.40 per month, and it's likely other providers will soon be following suit.

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