iPhone 5S sparks Vodafone 4G free-for-all

Vodafone 4G customers to get an extra 4GB to play with each month for the duration of their contract. It's a cracking deal that arrives just in time for the launch of the iPhone 5S.

If you're planning on buying Apple's latest iPhone, expected to be unveiled this evening, there's a perfectly timed 4G price promotion that's sure to prove popular once the handset's on sale.

From now until the end of October, Vodafone is giving both new and existing 4G customers an extra 4GB of data on top of their chosen plan for length of their contract.

It means, for example, that on a Vodafone 4G plan costing £26 per month you'll get 6GB of data, while for the same monthly charge on EE and O2 you'd only get 1GB. However, Vodafone's 4G coverage is currently limited to London.

The mobile network plans to reach 98% of the UK population with its 'superfast' mobile internet service by 2015 though, starting with Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield at the end of September.

Mark Howe from Vodafone said: "There's a number of hotly-anticipated new devices coming out in the autumn and now there's another reason for customers to choose 4G from Vodafone."

The announcement comes as Apple prepares to launch a new 4G smartphone, rumoured to be called the iPhone 5S, which, unlike its predecessors, will be compatible with Vodafone 4G, which went live launched at the end of August.

Anyone signing up to a sim-only or 4G smartphone contract - presumably including the new iPhone - will get three months unlimited 4G data, then double the amount of data they'd get on a standard 3G price plan, as well as an extra 4GB each month, if joining before November.

Both O2 and EE, the other UK mobile networks to have launched 4G services, will no doubt also offer the iPhone 5S with 4G, but their data allowances are much stingier than Vodafone's.

EE, the UK's original 4G network, having launched almost a year ago, has 4G masts covering more than 100 towns and cities across the country and reaches over 60% of the population.

Currently, as long as you live in London, or one of the other cities due to be switched on this month, Vodafone offers by far the most bang for your 4G buck. However, if you're able and/or willing to wait a while longer, there is yet another alternative.

Three, the last of the 'big four' networks - expected to launch a 4G in December - has promised it won't charge any extra for the service, and will also continue to offer new and existing customers unlimited data.

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