Netflix comes to Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media's teamed up with its online rival, making it much cheaper to watch films on TV. You'll no longer need to pay Sky Movies prices, but won't get as many new releases.

Netflix movies and TV shows will soon be available to Virgin Media customers for instant streaming on television using TiVo's built-in broadband.

Virgin Media is the first major TV provider to team up with the online streaming service - in many ways a rival to traditional movie channels - and in doing so will give customers a cheaper way to watch films on their TiVo box.

Currently, if you were to add the Sky Movies Collection to your Virgin Media TV package, it would cost at least £19.50 per month, while a Netflix account is just £5.99 per month.

Dana Strong, from Virgin Media, said: "Netflix is a fabulous addition to Virgin Media TiVo, enabling our customers to enjoy even more of their favourite shows and movies simply and easily - all through their TV set-top box and at outstanding value.

"Virgin Media TiVo offers different ways to watch, either subscription or pay-per-view, all seamlessly integrated for simple, intuitive viewing so there's a world of great entertainment at your fingertips."

As well as Virgin Media's expanding On Demand library, featuring TV programmes, movies and concerts available to watch for free at any time, you can also choose from hundreds of films to 'rent' from Virgin Movies on a pay-per-view basis.

The cost of doing this quickly adds up, so the arrival of Netflix is great news for households feeling the pinch - particularly if they already have Netflix, as they'll gain the option of streaming directly through the telly without having to pay any extra.

During an average month, assuming you watch one film every 24 hours, Netflix would cost you around 20p per movie, while each film works out at roughly 65p if you've added Sky Movies to your Virgin Media package.

However, while Netflix is significantly cheaper, Sky's dominance of home entertainment in the UK means getting Sky Movies, or, alternatively, Sky's streaming service NOW TV, is the only way you'll be able to watch the majority of new releases.

So, if you're a film buff and don't fancy waiting years after a film's released at the cinema to be able to watch on Netflix, Sky Movies or NOW TV would be the obvious choice. Netflix is ideal for more casual viewing - but that's not to say it lacks content.

There are tons of recent and classic films, and critically acclaimed TV series including Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black.

Initially, as part of a pilot scheme, the Netflix app will only be available in around 40,000 homes with Virgin Media TiVo, reaching everyone else later this year.

Existing Netflix customers will be able to log into their account as they would on any other device, while newcomers can sign up through the Netflix app on TiVo - the first month's free - and cancel their £5.99 subscription whenever they like.

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