Three-quarters of UK households could be overpaying for broadband

Research shows millions of switch-phobic Brits choose to stick with the same provider for five years or even longer - throwing their money away as cheaper deals and far better speeds become available...

If you've been with the same broadband provider for a number of years, the chances are you're paying over the odds for a service you could get much cheaper elsewhere.

And yet nearly three-quarters of UK households have stuck with the same old package for at least two years - some much longer - despite the fact most contracts last just 12 or 18 months, according to a survey carried out by

While 27% had changed to a different provider in the last 18 months, an almost equal number admitted they hadn't switched their broadband in two to four years.

A further 18% have been on the same deal even longer and 28% have never switched.

Dominic Baliszewski, broadbandchoices telecoms expert, said: "These customers are essentially overpaying for outdated broadband packages and could instantly save themselves a significant amount of money by switching.

"It's incredibly easy to switch providers nowadays with price comparison websites taking the hard work out of finding a better broadband deal."

At the moment, you can get a year's worth of broadband and phone, excluding line rental, from as little as £21. Four years ago, the same might've cost you over £100, so anyone who hasn't moved to a cheaper deal is likely paying far more than they have to.

It's not all about price, of course, and our survey revealed 40% of people who've recently switched their broadband had done so to obtain faster speeds.

Superfast broadband, which can offer speeds of up to 100Mb or more, is available to around two-thirds of the UK, but only a fifth of households have actually signed up for it.

Even if you're happy with your broadband service, it's worthwhile doing some checks online as soon as you're out of contract. If you do your homework and shop around, it might be possible to find a better service for less money than you're paying now.

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