1 in 3 people in Scotland don't know how to use the internet

New website digitalskills.com helps the tech-savvy teach online skills that up to 30% of adults still don't have. Could you be a 'digital champion' and teach others what you know about the web'?

Almost a third of Scottish adults still lack the digital skills required to browse the internet, use search engines, send emails and complete online forms.

In the UK as a whole, roughly 21% of adults fall below this threshold, while in Scotland the figure is 30%, according to a nationwide survey carried out by the BBC.

Yorkshire was found to be most digitally savvy region, with 83% of people able to perform all four "basic" online tasks, while in London the figure was 82%.

After Scotland, it was East Anglia (74%) and the north east (76%) that came bottom.

Go ON UK, the UK's Digital Skills Alliance, is currently working with local authorities and businesses in the north east to build on the success of its 2011 Go ON Liverpool scheme, which helped reduce the city's 'offline' population by 55% in just 18 months

Graham Walker, Go ON UK chief executive, said: "We know from lessons learned that working in partnership on a local level is key to bridging the digital skills gap.

"The unprecedented results of Go ON Liverpool have provided us with a blueprint. We now want to do the same on a much bigger scale in the north east of England."

To support the regional effort, Go ON UK has unveiled a new website (digitalskills.com) aimed at people who want to help others maximise the benefits of the web.

It's hoped tech-savvy Brits take the initiative to become a 'digital champion' and show anyone they who is not online how the internet can make life easier.

Earlier this year, figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed 33 million people in Britain access the internet daily, more than double the 16 million who claimed to do so in 2006, when comparable records began.

While 99% of the UK's 16 to 24-year-olds have been online at least once in their life, among over-75s the figure is approximately 31% - proving age is still the main barrier to internet access.

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