TalkTalk launches £2.50 broadband deal

SimplyBroadband is a budget option for anyone who just wants broadband without calls. It's super cheap and super unlimited - but if you want it superfast it'll cost you £10 extra per month...

TalkTalk has introduced a new broadband package that costs as little as £2.50 per month, easily making it one of the cheapest currently available in the UK.

SimplyBroadband will replace TalkTalk Essentials as the provider's most basic service, and offers truly unlimited broadband with typical speeds of up to 16Mb, as well as the usual free router and free connection, when you sign a 12-month contract.

The only thing you don't get is inclusive evening and weekend calls - normally thrown in with even the cheapest of bundles - so it's ideal if you're looking to save money but, like many of us now mobiles have taken over, don't use your landline phone very often.

However, you'll still need to pay TalkTalk line rental at a cost of £15.40 per month.

There's also second new TalkTalk package, which arguably offers even better value for money than SimplyBroadband - if you're looking to bundle broadband with a TV service.

Essentials TV gives you the same truly unlimited broadband, and it does include free evening and weekend calls, plus a budget version of the YouView box, which connects to the internet for catch-up and on-demand streaming.

However, the YouView box supplied, worth around £149, doesn't have a built-in record function like the more expensive model included with TalkTalk's pricier Plus TV package.

TalkTalk chief executive, Dido Harding, said: "This is TalkTalk doing what it does best - giving consumers access to exciting new products at unbeatable prices and the launch of Essentials TV underpins our role as Britain's fastest-growing new TV service.

"Each week, thousands more homes are signing up to YouView from TalkTalk because of our great value offering."

Because SimplyBroadband doesn't include any calls - unless you're phoning another TalkTalk landline, in which case they're free - TalkTalk has introduced a new £20 limit on standard monthly call charges, to stop customers from running up a scary phone bill.

Even so, it's really just a basic package that's designed for people who don't make calls and want a cheap broadband connection with pretty average speeds.

Those craving 'superfast' connectivity can upgrade to TalkTalk's fibre optic broadband for £10 extra per month. It's still truly unlimited but offers you speeds of up to 38Mb.

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