BT boosts TV bundles with HD, kids and on-demand TV bolt-ons

You can now tailor your BT TV package to your needs with the launch of HD Extra, Kids Extra and three on-demand options - with the former essentially a free upgrade if you already pay for BT Sport in HD.

BT has made two new packs of channels and three on-demandbolt-ons available with BT TV, allowing customers to build theirown TV packages, tailoring them to their own needs.

You can add either of the packs to your bundle for £3 a montheach as long as you have BT Infinity fibre optic broadband and theBT TV Entertainment Pack, which costs £7 a month, and consists of18 channels:

Entertainment Pack



Nat Geo Wild

Animal Planet


National Geographic

British Eurosport



British Eurosport 2



Comedy Central


Universal Channel

Crime and Investigation Network



The packs are named HD Extra, which features high-definition(HD) versions of eight channels in the Entertainment Pack, and KidsExtra, which is made up of nine children's channels:

HD Extra

Kids Extra

Comedy Central HD


Crime and Investigation Network HD

Cartoon Network

Fox HD


History HD

Disney Channel


Disney Junior

Nat Geo Wild HD

Disney XD

National Geographic HD


Syfy HD

Nick Jr


HD Extra also includes HD versions of all three BT Sportchannels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN. This means if youalready pay for BT Sport in HD, which costs £3 a month, HD Extra isessentially a free upgrade to your BT TV package as you'll begetting six extra HD channels for no extra cost.

BT has also rejigged the on-demand options for BT TV packagesinto flexible, monthly bolt-ons. Kids and Music - which offersmusic videos, karaoke, concerts and complete albums - will cost you£3 a month each, and Film and TV Box Sets will cost you £5 amonth.

The on-demand bolt-ons are available to you whether you're a newor existing BT TV customer and can be added to the basic BT TVEssential pack, which offers you everything you'd get on Freeviewand BT Sport for £5 a month, as well as the BT TV Entertainmentpack.

As we reported last week, Sky Movies is now also available on BT TV, as is Curzon Home Cinema, arthouse cinema chain Curzon'son-demand service, meaning there are a variety of options nowavailable to you to customise your package, especially if you're amovie buff.

Alex Green, director of TV for BT, said: "We know that customersdon't like paying a fortune for hundreds of channels they neverwatch so we're making things easier for them and putting the choicein their hands."

However, BT is far from the only TV provider that allows you todo this. With Sky TV you can choose from three entertainment packsas well as adding Sky Movies, Sky Sports and individual channelssuch as MUTV to your package.

If you've got TalkTalk Plus TV or TalkTalk Essentials TV you canadd eight different 'TV Boosts' to your package, which offereverything from up to 60 entertainment channels from the UK and theUS to Asian channels. Sky Movies and Sky Sports can also beadded.

Virgin Media's a little more straightforward when it comes toTV, offering four easily identifiable packages, although BT Sport,Sky Movies and Sky Sports can be added to any of them. Theexception's TV XL, which comes with BT Sport as standard. Adult,Asian and kids TV collections are also available.

With the amount of options available now when it comes to TV, ifyou're looking for a new package make sure you compare beforeswitching. That way you can to ensure that you're getting thechannels and on-demand services you want, as well a gooddeal.

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Will you be adding any bolt-ons to your BT TV package?Let us know in the comments section below.

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