Plusnet broadband attracts savvy switchers

People who switch to Plusnet broadband are the most likely to research the options online prior to choosing a package - perhaps by no coincidence Plusnet customers are also the UK’s most satisfied…

Plusnet's customers are the savviest of all UK broadband users when it comes to finding the best deals online, says research by

According to our survey of almost 3,000 customers, those with Plusnet were by far the most likely to have used a price comparison site to study their broadband options.

Interestingly, in our recent Customer Satisfaction Awards, Plusnet scooped six out of 10 awards - the result of glowing feedback from customers, across a range of categories - once again proving it pays to be prudent when choosing your broadband provider.

We found 54% of Plusnet's customers ran a broadband comparison before signing up.

Our survey also found that EE customers were the least savvy switchers of all, with only 21% having used a comparison site prior to choosing the provider. It also revealed EE customers were among the least satisfied with their broadband.

Plusnet's high scores don't necessarily mean it offers the UK's best broadband, but rather that it's the UK's best provider for meeting - and possibly sometimes exceeding - its customers' expectations.

Other customers may expect more from their provider, and find themselves disappointed as a result, because they hadn't properly done their homework prior to signing a lengthy contract.

On average, around 28% of UK consumers use a price comparison site when researching their broadband options, while 45% visit broadband providers' websites and 14% ask their friends to give recommendations based on their own experiences.

However, there are still millions of UK broadband users - around 28% of all customers, our research suggests - that have never switched provider, meaning they could be stuck on outdated deals paying over the odds for a service they'd get cheaper elsewhere.

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