Plusnet customers can get all three BT Sport channels from next month

If you’ve got Plusnet broadband you’ll be able to watch live Barclays Premier League football, Aviva Premiership Rugby and more by adding BT Sport to your package from Bonfire Night - but you’ll need a Sky box too.

Good news if you're a Plusnet customer with a passion for sport, because you'll soon be able to add BT Sport to your package.

Yorkshire-based broadband provider Plusnet is offering every existing customers all three of BT's sport channels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN - from 5 November, 2013.

It'll cost you £5.99 a month to add them to your package - £7.49 if you want them in high-definition (HD) - on a minimum one-month contract that will rollover unless you choose to cancel it.

Considering it costs £12 a month plus a £15 activation fee to add BT Sport to Sky TV if you don't have BT broadband and £15 a month to add it to Virgin Media TV unless you have the top whack TV XL package, it's something of a steal.

Don't get too excited yet though, there's a catch - to be able to get BT Sport you'll need a Sky box and viewing card, which obviously you're only likely to have if you've got Sky TV or used to have it and kept the box when you cancelled it. And if you want BT Sport in HD you'll need a Sky HD box.

If you have a box and a card then you're sorted. You can sign up through the Member Centre on the Plusnet website or by filling in the form that will appear at from 5 November, 2013 - you'll need your Sky viewing number to do this.

Within 48 hours of your subscription being acknowledged you'll be able to watch live football from the likes of the Barclay Premier League, UEFA Europa League and Scottish Premiership, Aviva Premiership rugby and much more on the following channels:

  • Sky channel 413 - BT Sport 1
  • Sky channel 414 - BT Sport 2
  • Sky channel 417 - ESPN
  • Sky channel 426 - BT Sport 1 HD
  • Sky channel 427 - BT Sport 2 HD
  • Sky channel 433 - ESPN HD

And from next year you'll also be able to watch BT Sport online and on your mobile - Plusnet will be the first provider outside BT Sport to offer this option. It's also set to offer the YouView set-top box from next year, although there's no word yet on whether this, or BT Sport, will be offered to new customers at some point.

If you're not a Plusnet customer the easiest and cheapest way to get BT Sport is through BT. It comes free via the BT Sport online player and mobile app with all BT broadband packages and via your television set too with all BT TV packages.

Guide: BT Sport

Will you be adding BT Sport to your Plusnet package? Let us know in the comments section below.

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