TalkTalk hangs up on nuisance cold callers

If you’re sick and tired of being bombarded with sales calls day and night, there’s a new way to do something about it with TalkTalk – they’ll block the number, not just for you but every TalkTalk customer...

TalkTalk has launched a new call blocking service it hopes will send scammers and unwanted sales pitches the same way as the dodo and dinosaurs.

Anyone who finds they're getting a lot of irritating nuisance calls can report them quickly and easily online through the HomeSafe section of TalkTalk's website. The provider will then investigate, and, if possible, block future calls from the same phone number.

It's excellent news for anyone who's suffered persistent marketing calls, which can be aggressive and cause distress as well as being rather annoying. Best of all, callers will be blocked at network level - meaning all customers benefit, not just the person reporting.

TalkTalk is the UK's first major provider to offer this kind of call blocking service.

Dido Harding, TalkTalk's chief executive, said: "Customers tell us that getting calls they suspect are from scammers and fraudsters, along with persistent and aggressive sales and marketing calls, is one of the more stressful experiences they encounter.

"Now we have the technology, determination and, thanks to our customers, the help and support to identify and block these calls from reaching TalkTalk homes."

Minister for culture, Ed Vaizey, added: "Nuisance calls are a menace and the public have had enough. I welcome TalkTalk's initiative to protect their customers from being harassed and bombarded with unwanted marketing calls."

With any telephone provider there's usually an option to block certain types of call, but it's normally a bolt-on feature and often costs a few pounds extra per month.

There are other steps you can take though, such as registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or contacting your provider to request that you're made ex-directory. However, aside from simply unplugging your phone, there's sadly no guaranteed escape from unwanted calls.

If you get a lot of calls and feel you've done all you can to try and stop them, switching to TalkTalk might be your next best step - so you can actively fight them, not only for your own sanity but for the good of all households with TalkTalk home phone.

As well as being tough on sales calls and scammers, TalkTalk is among the UK's cheaper home phone providers. This week, it also launched a budget TV bundle offering YouView, broadband and calls for just over £20 a month including home phone line rental.

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