Sky boxes designed by Sophie Dahl, Minnie Mouse and more go on sale

Sky has launched a collection of limited edition set-top boxes created by fashion designers and style icons to promote the Sky+HD 2TB box with built-in Wi-Fi. Want to know how to get your hands one? Well read on…

Ever find yourself watching TV and thinking 'I just wish my home entertainment centre was more stylish'? Probably not, but if you have then Sky might have just the thing for you.

The satellite TV provider has unveiled a limited edition collection of Sky boxes designed by former model and author Sophie Dahl and fashion designers Giles Deacon, Roland Mouret (in collaboration with, er, Minnie Mouse) and Kit Neale.

The collection has been launched to promote the Sky+HD 2TB box with built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to access Sky's catch-up and on-demand services, imaginatively named Catch Up TV and On Demand, wirelessly instead of having to connect your Sky box to your broadband router using an ethernet cable.

Each box is inspired by the TV shows and films available on On Demand. Given that your correspondent is about as style-conscious as a blobfish, let's hear what the designers themselves have to say about their creations.

Sophie Dahl: "I'm a big fan of old-fashioned illustrations and textile design from the 1920s and 1930s, Cecil Beaton and Chanel in particular. It was their fashion illustrations that were the inspiration for my Sky box - the rose, something sweet and playful that conjures romance."

Giles Deacon: "Minnie Mouse and I are old pals now. She's stylish, independent, spirited and everyone adores her. I absolutely love Disney animations, so when I decided to design my Sky box in celebration of the Disney classics on Sky Movies Disney, I was inspired to focus my creation on Minnie."

Roland Mouret: "When I look at the contemporary dramas that people love today like Dracula or Hannibal on Sky Living, I see passion cutting through the elegance and the glamour of those worlds. My design features colourful splashes of passion cutting through a calm sea of orchids. Some people will look and see love, some people will look and see blood. It's up to you."

Kit Neale: "When I watch a documentary on nature, like those ones you see with David Attenborough on Sky1 and Sky 3D, I'm literally blown away by what I see. I'm really pleased with how well my 'Rockney Lobster' design has gone down in the fashion world so it seems to be the perfect design to adapt for my Sky box. Nature is cool, it's bizarre and it's colourful. Hopefully, that comes across in my design."

As well as allowing you to access Catch Up TV and On Demand wirelessly, the Sky+HD 2TB box with built-in Wi-Fi gives you six times more storage space than the boxes offered by any other pay TV provider, so you can record up to 350 hours of high-definition (HD) TV or 1,180 hours of regular TV.

Want to make your channel hopping more chic? If you don't already have Sky TV, you can get one of the designer boxes for £149 if you get a Sky TV package with the Entertainment Extra+ pack, which includes over 80 extra channels, 49 HD channels and box sets of TV series on-demand.

Already got Sky TV? Then you can get a designer box for £149 if you subscribe to the Entertainment Extra+ pack or have another Sky TV HD subscription. If you pay £11.25 a month for Sky Multiscreen, which lets you to have Sky TV in another room, too you can get one for just £49.

Don't want the Entertainment Extra+ pack, or even Sky TV full stop, but still want a box (perhaps you've got Plusnet broadband and want to get BT Sport)? Then you can buy a standalone designer box - or a standard Sky+HD 2TB box with built-in Wi-Fi if the designer ones are going to clash with your living rooms curtains - for £249.

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