O2 launches pay-as-you-go 4G that gives you more mobile data over time

Want a 4G plan with a half-decent data allowance, but don’t want to commit to a long contract? Then the O2 4G Pay & Go Go Go tariff, which ups your allowance the longer you’re on it it, could be a good call.

O2 has launched its first 4G pay-as-you-go plan, meaning you now subscribe to next-generation mobile internet on the network for as little as £15 a month.

What's unique about the O2 4G Pay & Go Go Go tariff is that it grows in value over time, giving you more inclusive mobile data, calls and texts the longer you're on it over the first six months.

To start with, you get 500MB of data, 75 minutes of calls and 500 texts a month for £15. After three months, everything doubles, so you get 1GB of data, 150 minutes of calls and 1,000 texts for the same price. And after six months you get unlimited texts.

You don't have to worry about running out of data before the month's up either, as three different bolt-ons that give you extra data when added to the plan are available. This is what's on offer at a glance:

O2 4G Pay & Go Go Go tariff



After three months

After six months



500MB data

75 minutes of calls

500 texts

1GB of data

150 minutes of calls

1,000 texts

1GB of data

150 minutes of calls

Unlimited texts

100MB for £3

500MB for £6

1GB for £10

It gets better - if you're already an O2 customer and have been for three months or more, you start on the 'doubled' plan. That's as long as you've "met the required top-up levels," which, rather annoyingly, we can't track down at the time of writing.

O2 4G Pay & Go Go Go is available with a range of 4G smartphones, including the new Nokia Lumia 625, although, unlike with O2 4G pay-monthly plans, you have no choice but to pay for the handset upfront. Prices range from £149.99 to £599.99.

Phil Maple, general manager of consumer marketing at O2, said: "Increasingly our customers are telling us that they want choice and flexibility when choosing a tariff, and that's why we've introduced 4G on Pay & Go.

"Pay & Go Go Go is the only 4G tariff that gets better over time, and it gives our customers an even more flexible and affordable way of getting their hands on this technology."

It's not a bad deal if you're an O2 customer and live in or around one of the 11 cities across the UK - Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield - covered by O2 4G.

The equivalent on EE - the country's first 4G network - would cost you £19 a month. Vodafone, which like O2 launched 4G in August, doesn't yet offer 4G pay-as-you-go plans, while Three, the UK's other major mobile network, isn't launching 4G until December.

However, if you're not an O2 customer, EE is a better bet for pay-as-you-go 4G, as you can get 1GB straight away on a pay-as-you-go plan, with 100 minutes of calls and 400 texts, for £15 a month. EE 4G coverage is also far better than O2's at present - it's available to 60% of the population.

O2 is also launching a range of 4G mobile broadband plans within the next month. These will be available with a range of tablets, including the Google Nexus 7. Dongles will also be available if you want to hook your laptop up to 4G, as will 4G mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that allow you to connect up to 10 devices at once.

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