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  • Households hooked on technology put wireless broadband under strain

    Our obsession with tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets means speeds are being stretched to their limit - but is superfast broadband helping or does it turn us into… More »

  • TalkTalk and Plusnet raise broadband and home phone line rental prices

    Price hike season is underway with both Plusnet and TalkTalk ramping up charges, despite Ofcom plans that could mean providers benefit from reduced wholesale costs. More »

  • BT Sport kicks off today at 6pm: Watch for free online and on Freeview

    New TV sports channels from BT will finally go live later today, and BT broadband customers - plus anyone with Freeview for one night only - can watch without… More »

  • O2 announces 4G launch date but plans a slower roll-out than EE

    First places to have a choice of more than one 4G provider will be London, Leeds and Bradford when fast O2 mobile internet goes live in the three UK… More »

  • BT Sport to be available on Virgin Media

    Virgin Media and BT confirm they're in talks over how the three BT Sport channels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN - can be offered to… More »

  • Channel 4 adds 4oD download service for smartphone and tablet viewers

    It's now possible to download TV shows from 4oD to watch on the move with an iPhone, iPad or Android device when an internet connection is not available for… More »

  • Council secrecy slowing down roll-out of fibre optic broadband

    Government demands more transparency as councils block details of superfast broadband availability - or lack of it - in a bid to bury bad news for fear of a… More »

  • Sky's tiny NOW TV box will turn your telly 'smart' for under a tenner

    Loaded with apps like Spotify and BBC iPlayer - and giving you Sky TV without a satellite dish - the NOW TV box is not only smaller than a… More »

  • Chromecast: Google TV dongle brings YouTube and Netflix to living room

    Google is taking on Apple TV with the launch of Chromecast - a small, cheap device that makes it easy to stream from Netflix and YouTube on the biggest… More »

  • 300,000 homes swap Freeview or Freesat for a YouView box from TalkTalk

    Most people signing up for YouView - TalkTalk's set-top box, which connects to your broadband for catch-up TV and on-demand - previously had Freeview or Freesat. More »

  • 4G customers ditch Wi-Fi hotspots and risk blitzing through their data

    People who switch to EE's superfast network are likely to gobble up more data - but with 4G usage limits as low as 500MB they could easily run out… More »

  • Ofcom finds providers are being more open about actual speeds upfront

    Providers increasingly give an estimated broadband speed to potential customers before they've signed up, meaning fewer nasty surprises for those who do - but there's still room for improvement. More »

  • Royal baby: It's a boy! Arrival of new prince takes Twitter by storm

    Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have brought a little boy into the world, and Twitter has welcomed the new prince by going into meltdown as #RoyalBaby fever… More »

  • New BT Sport shows to feature Neil Warnock, James Richardson and more

    As well as adding a host of new programmes, the man they call Colin and AC Jimbo, BT Sport has recruited Gary McAllister and revealed its live coverage will… More »

  • Government web censor means you'll have to ask permission to view porn

    David Cameron plans to put a blanket ban on all websites offering adult content, and as a result grown-ups who still want access will need to request it from… More »

  • BT bashed, FrontRow banned and technology on the toilet #TechTalk rounds up the week’s technology news. This week: BT slated by MPs for being stingy, the Premier League gets FrontRow blocked, the use of phones on the throne… More »

  • 1 in 3 Brits admit to using their smartphones and tablets on the loo

    Wireless broadband that can reach even the smallest room of the house has transformed the ways in which we entertain ourselves - not least when perched on the porcelain. More »

  • Virgin Media plugs away at 3D TV despite BBC claims nobody's watching

    An extra 50 hours of 3D TV is being added to Virgin Media's On Demand library, yet only a fortnight ago the BBC decided to scrap its 3D output… More »

  • BBC and BT Sport to share live FA Cup coverage from next year

    Whether or not BT Sport sharing exclusive TV rights to the FA Cup with the Beeb is enough to tempt Sky Sports customers is debatable, but most football fans… More »

  • London pubs serve up free BT Wi-Fi to hotspot-hungry punters

    More than 100 pubs in London and the south-east will soon offer customers free Wi-Fi in response to growing demand for booze and food with a side order of… More »

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