Virgin Media broadband climbs to new top speed of 152Mb

So you think your broadband is fast enough? Virgin Media’s having none of it. Today it’s unleashed its new top speed of 152Mb - that’s 10 times the average speed in the UK and twice as fast as BT Infinity...

Virgin Media has played yet another blinder, announcing a new top speed for its fibre broadband packages that puts the national average, as well as the top speeds of other UK broadband providers, to shame.

Today marks the start of a year-long roll-out that promises to bring you superfast broadband speeds of up to 152Mb, if you've got what is currently Virgin Media's fastest package with speeds of up to 120Mb.

If you've got Virgin Media's 'up to 30Mb' package you'll be boosted to a new top speed of 50Mb and if you've got 'up to 60Mb' you'll be upgraded to 100Mb.

If you've got Virgin Media cable broadband and you're eligible for a boost, you'll be notified by email at some point over the next 12 months and will just have to confirm that you want the faster speed.

While the speed boost won't cost you anything extra, Virgin Media did bump up prices by an average of 6.7% last month.

Tom Mockridge, chief executive of Virgin Media, said: "Overwhelmingly, people tell us the internet is a force for good. From daily life to the bigger aspects of society, culture and economic growth, digital is making a significant, positive difference to people's lives.

"We're supercharging our incredible network to ensure that Virgin Media customers can make the most of the online world."

This isn't the first time the provider has offered a free speed increase. At the start of 2012, it announced ambitious plans to double the speed of its broadband service for more than four million customers at no extra cost.

As well as the faster speeds, Virgin Media has also unveiled new parental controls that provide a network-level filter, similar to the kind already offered by TalkTalk and Sky, covering every device you connect to your broadband, not just one computer.

Free to all Virgin Media broadband households, Web Safe will let you restrict children's access to age-inappropriate websites - even if they're using a smartphone, tablet or other wireless device that connects to Wi-Fi.

Culture secretary Maria Miller said: "Faster, safer home internet is great news for families across the UK. Families are now downloading films, streaming music and playing games on phones, laptops, tablets and consoles. Higher speeds will enable the whole family to use the internet at the same time."

If you switch to Virgin Media you'll be signed up for the boosted speeds at current prices, starting from £15.50 a month plus line rental for speeds of up to 50Mb, and £28.00 a month for the fastest 152Mb package.

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