Virgin Media includes mobile in new one-stop shop ‘Big Bundle’ deals

For £35 a month Virgin Media will supply your TV, internet, mobile and home phone in one big package for ultimate convenience - probably saving you money too. Let’s have a look at what you’ll get…

Virgin Media has unveiled new packages that'll make it a one-stop shop for your broadband, TV, mobile and home phone in one big monthly bundle.

We've been banging on for ages about saving money by taking all your services from a single provider, but until now mobile phones rarely entered the equation.

That's because Virgin Media is the first UK provider to properly launch four-way packages - known as 'quad play' - on top of existing TV, broadband and home phone - or 'triple play' - and basic broadband and phone - or 'double play' - bundles.

Big Bundles give you the option of paying an extra £5 a month to throw a sim-only mobile plan with unlimited calls and texts plus 250MB mobile data into the mix. At the moment, there's a choice of two bundles:

Big Bang Big Kahuna
Broadband up to 100Mb
TiVo box with TV M+
Home phone

From £15 a month for six months,
£30 thereafter

18-month contract
Broadband up to 152Mb
TiVo box with TV XL
Home phone

From £25 a month for six months,
£45 thereafter

18-month contract

These prices don't include line rental, an additional £15.99 a month, and the Big Bundles are currently only available to existing Virgin Media customers.

Virgin Media's Dana Strong said: "I'm delighted our current customers have the chance to enjoy this fantastic new flexibility and unparalleled value first."

Our experts Dominic Baliszewski added: "Customers should remember that Virgin Media's quad-play deals offer sim-only mobile services, so they'll need a working handset to be able to take advantage of these packages.

"Anyone considering taking a quad-play bundle should do their homework and compare the standalone prices with the bundled cost before signing up on an 18-month contract."

The Big Bang and Big Kahuna deals will be available to new customers too from the end of this month, when we expect details of several other Big Bundles to be confirmed.

Last week, Virgin Media added a new 'triple play' collection to its offering. The Essential Family Sports Collection gives you broadband speeds of up to 50Mb, a TiVo box with all six Sky Sports channels and free weekend calls to UK landlines from £46.75 a month.

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