Virgin Media expands selection of Sky Sports channels available in HD

To watch Sky Sports in HD you’ll still need to pay an extra £7 a month, but, with five extra channels included, Virgin Media’s Premium HD bundle now offers much better value for money…

Virgin Media's announced that TV customers will soon be able to watch a load of extra Sky channels in high-definition (HD), including the hugely popular Sky Sports F1.

At the moment, you can add Sky Sports F1 to your Virgin Media TV package - along with Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 - from £17 a month, but at this price you can only watch in standard definition. For an extra £7 a month, you can get Sky Sports 1 and 2 in HD.

From summer, for the same extra fee, you'll be able to get the whole lot in HD.

Virgin Media TV
+ Sky Sports

Virgin Media TV
+ Sky Sports
+ £7 for Premium HD

At present

Virgin Media TV
+ Sky Sports
+ £7 for Premium HD

From summer 2014

Sky Sports 1 Sky Sports 1 (HD) Sky Sports 1 (HD)
Sky Sports 2 Sky Sports 2 (HD) Sky Sports 2 (HD)
Sky Sports 3 Sky Sports 3 Sky Sports 3 (HD)
Sky Sports 4 Sky Sports 4 Sky Sports 4 (HD)
Sky Sports F1 Sky Sports F1 Sky Sports F1 (HD)
Sky Sports News Sky Sports News Sky Sports News (HD)

Not only that, but for the first time ever, you'll be able to watch every Sky Sports channel on the go, with the Virgin TV Anywhere app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

It's all part of a five-year agreement between Virgin Media and Sky, meaning once those extra HD channels arrive, they shouldn't be going anywhere any time soon.

Virgin Media's chief executive, Tom Mockridge, said: "We're excited our customers will be able to watch even more great TV from Sky, on more devices, as a result of the most extensive agreement ever signed between Virgin Media and Sky.

"This promises to be a fantastic summer of entertainment and our customers, whether at home or on the go, will get to enjoy Sky's range of channels for years to come as a result of our investment."

So, now Virgin Media's claiming to be the only UK provider offering every live HD sports channel on telly, which is technically true, because to get BT Sport and ESPN on Sky TV you have to enter a separate contract with BT.

This is only a technical matter, although it does mean with Virgin Media you wouldn't have to deal with more than one bill, direct debit and what not as you would with Sky.

Essentially, what today's announcement means is that within the next couple of months Virgin Media will have just as many Sky Sports channels in HD as Sky itself, making the Premium HD add-on much better value than before.

If you have BT TV, you can only get Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 - and the pair of them will cost you £21 a month - so for die hard sports fans who want the best range of HD channels, Virgin Media or Sky's where it's at.

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