Vodafone throws in Netflix with new 4G call plans

Like watching movies on the move? Here’s some good news then - Vodafone’s offering a free subscription to Netflix with some 4G packages. Here’s everything you need to know…

This morning I watched half ofPrince of Persiaon the train. I logged into Netflix, and thanks to my 4G connection, I was able to indulge in cinematic mediocrity as I chugged my way towards broadbandchoices HQ. Film aside, it was a great experience - if you ask us, being able to stream high-quality video is the single best thing about 4G.

It looks like Vodafone, at least, agrees. The network has announced that it's signed an exclusive partnership with Netflix, offering a six-month pre-paid subscription to the streaming TV and movie service alongside its 4G 'Red' plans. The promotion starts in July, and runs through until the end of December.

Vodafone's 4G coverage has expanded significantly in recent months. Earlier this week, it announced that it had reached 233 towns and cities across the country, including Swindon, Slough, Epping and York. However, the network with the widest coverage remains EE, which this week announced outdoor 4G coverage for 73% of the population.

Since it launched in the UK back in January 2012, Netflix has built up a decent library of movies and TV, including exclusive series like House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. The volume of content still pales next to the US version of the service, but there's plenty there for a dedicated telly addict to get his or her teeth into. Or eyes. Whatever.

Vodafone already offers a number of extras for people who pick up one of its Red 4G plans, including Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile free for six months. After that, you'll need to pay normal subscription to keep using them.

Netflix is another appealing extra to a mobile plan. Bear in mind though, the Netflix promotion is only available on top-tier plans, starting at £26 a month and going up to as much as £57 a month depending on the handset.

Also worth bearing in mind is that Vodafone Red 4G plans all have strict usage limits, and nothing guzzles the gigabytes like video. Streaming a movie could use between 700MB - 1GB at a time. In other words, while it's nice to have Netflix and 4G, you're better off saving your valuable as much as possible, and sticking to Wi-Fi where you can.

Is Netflix enough to get you to switch to 4G? Happy being streaming-free on the go? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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