Broadband news from June 2014

Broadband news from June 2014

  • Has Facebook been secretly studying your emotions?

    It has emerged that Facebook has been conducting experiments on the psychology of users without their consent or knowledge. Would you be bothered if it was toying with your… More »

  • One in six hit by hefty mobile bill after going on holiday

    According to new Which? research, many Brits have fallen foul of increased roaming charges when using their phone abroad. With new EU caps about to come into effect, what… More »

  • BT issues apology after broadband problems affect ‘many’ customers

    Provider holds hands up to say ‘our bad’ after sites including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, eBay and Amazon were temporarily blocked on its broadband network... More »

  • EE jumps back in front of BT for most complaints about broadband

    Watchdog finds broadband customers are more likely to moan about EE than any of its major rivals, with most complaints relating to service faults and billing issues… More »

  • Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset

    Google’s revealed plans to turn your smartphone into a cheap-as-chips virtual reality headset. All you need is a cardboard box, and a trip down the hardware shop. More »

  • Next wave of rural towns to get EE 4G revealed

    4GEE coverage continues to spread across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. What are the next set of towns to get superfast mobile internet from EE? More »

  • Samsung and LG’s first Android Wear smartwatches go on sale

    Android Wear makes its debut on two intelligent, wrist-worn timekeeping devices that wirelessly connect to your smartphone. But what’s the point? Let’s have a look… More »

  • Hey Apple - size matters! Survey reveals people want a bigger iPhone.

    A new survey about upgrading phones reveals that an iPhone’s still the number one choice. But what would persuade people to switch, and how much does the screen size… More »

  • New Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 635 gets 3 July UK release date

    Want to go 4G without having to give up food? Then the latest Lumia Windows Phone could be the handset that allows you to do just that without leaving… More »

  • 4 out of 5 Flappy Bird clones contain malware

    Many Flappy Bird clones are full of fowl malware - and there’s nothing poultry about what it can do either, according to cybersecurity experts McAfee Labs. broadbandchoices takes… More »

  • Mobile data roaming to fall by more than 50% from 1 July

    The EU’s set new caps on mobile roaming charges, cutting the cost of calling, texting and using the internet on your phone while abroad significantly. We take a look… More »

  • Microsoft unveils Nokia X2 phone - and it’s powered by Android

    Microsoft jumps on the Android platform with its latest smartphone release, the Nokia X2 - but what does it have to offer? More »

  • Vintage TV now on Freeview - get your hipster on

    Freeview has added a new channel to its selection - Vintage TV - a "destination TV channel for music of quality and longevity" it says. But what does it… More »

  • Wimbledon 2014 goes social in a big way

    Wimbledon’s got tons going on online this year, encouraging us to interact and discuss the tennis tournament over Twitter. Here’s how to get involved. More »

  • UK planning 3G and 4G mobile signal that works whatever your network

    Mobile networks not keen on the idea of sharing phone masts with rivals, but for customers it’d mean stronger 3G and 4G reception in more places, more of the… More »

  • Glastonbury offers free Wi-Fi….via cow

    Glastonbury goers this year need not worry about sailing over their data allowance within the first 3 hours on site thanks to EE’s free 4G Wi-Fi cows. Mooosic to… More »

  • UK singles chart gets a tune-up: online music streaming now included

    The UK singles chart will start including streamed tracks from next month. It’s the biggest shakeup since 2005, when paid downloads were included, but what will the impact be?… More »

  • Android 'kill switch' to make mobiles worthless to would-be thieves

    Google’s updating its mobile operating system with a ‘self-destruct’ feature designed to thwart smartphone thieves, turning nicked handsets into expensive paperweights… More »

  • Fibre optic broadband could get cheaper under new Ofcom proposals

    UK communications regulator Ofcom is looking at what BT charges other providers and people for fibre optic broadband, which could see prices go down. However, fibre may already be… More »

  • Will the Apple iWatch come out in October?

    A new report says that Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch will have wireless charging, a heart rate monitor and come out in October. broadbandchoices takes a look at the rumours… More »

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