Will the Apple iWatch come out in October?

A new report says that Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch will have wireless charging, a heart rate monitor and come out in October. broadbandchoices takes a look at the rumours…

Apple's long-awaited iWatch is set to go into production next month.

That's according to an unnamed source that spoke to news outlet Reuters. The rumours say the smartwatch - which will display information from other Apple devices - will be released in October, with Taiwan's Quanta Computer Inc due to start mass production in a matter of weeks.

According to the source, it'll also be big. Not in terms of popularity, you understand - although it's an Apple product, so it'll almost certainly be a success - but physically large, as it'll have a 2.5in display. It's also suggested the iWatch will protrude from the strap and will be arched - presumably so it curves round the wrist.

It will also feature a touch interface, support wireless charging and include a heart rate monitor, which will track the wearer's pulse. Obviously there are no pictures available yet, so here's a leaked shot of the iPhone 6 instead:

People have been speculating about an Apple's smartwatch for some time now, but as ever Apple's stayed schtum. The speculation has only intensified since Apple announced iOS 8 - the latest version of its operating system, due out later this year. One of the big new features is a range of health and fitness tools, which gather data from various sources to support your new healthier lifestyle, and a smart watch would surely play a big part in that, feeding back information about how you live and exercise.

I'll probably never have any need for them, because I have a self-destructive love of pizza, but plenty of you will. Not a confirmation then, but it's another indicator that the iWatch could play a key role in Apple's plans in the coming months.

Y'know, if it exists…

Do you think the Apple iWatch is one to… erm, watch? Let us know in the comments!

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