You can now get BT TV in multiple rooms - but you’ll need BT Infinity

If you’ve got BT TV and want to be able to watch it in more than one room, now you can, as long as you’ve got BT Infinity and buy a second BT YouView+ box too. It’s not the only multiroom TV package you can get though…

Have you got BT TV? Are your plans to catch up on a week's worth of Eastenders via BBC iPlayer on the big screen constantly scuppered by your significant other? Have the kids beaten you to the remote all season when you've wanted to watch the football on BT Sport? Well help is at hand.

That's because BT is now offering you the option of getting BT TV in two different rooms in your home with an Extra Box subscription. For just £5 a month on a 12-month contract, you'll be able to get all the channels and bolt-ons you subscribe to in a second room.

You'll need a download speed of over 34Mb to get Extra Box, as you'll need the oomph of fibre broadband to get the extra channels BT TV offers, such as Comedy Central, in HD in two rooms. You can't get it if you've got Sky Movies though - BT hasn't said why.

BT says most people with BT Infinity get over 34Mb, but research by UK communications regulator Ofcom shows up to 38Mb fibre packages like BT Infinity 1 have an average speed of 31-34Mb, so if you want to subscribe to Extra Box and have BT Infinity 1, test your speed before you sign up.

You'll also need a second BT YouView+ box, but BT will offer you one for £99 when you get an Extra Box subscription, which is a snip as they usually cost £199.99 on their own. BT only allows two boxes per household though, so don't be thinking you can get a third one for the bathroom or owt.

Extra Box is only available with YouView, but if you've got a BT Vision+ box, you can swap it for a BT YouView+ box for £35 when you subscribe. If you've got a silver BT Vision+ box, bear in mind you should be offered a BT YouView+ box for free soon.

Viewing in multiple rooms may be new to BT TV, but rivals Sky and Virgin Media have offered it for some time, and in as many rooms as you want. TalkTalk doesn't offer it, but you can connect more than one YouView box to your TalkTalk broadband. However, "your experience may be impacted".

Virgin Media offers the cheapest way to do it - you can get Virgin Media TV in another room for £6.50 a month, and you get a V HD box for free. The cheapest way to do it with Sky is to add Sky Multiroom to your package for £11.25 a month, which you get a free Sky HD Multiscreen box with.

However, while these are both cheaper options than BT, the free Sky and Virgin Media boxes don't let you pause, rewind or record TV like the second BT YouView+ box offered with Extra Room does, and you can't catch up on what you've missed or watch stuff on demand on the free Sky box either.

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