EE broadband deals and 2-for-1s even if your mobile’s not on EE

ByAnthony Hill
EE broadband deals

You no longer need to be an EE mobile customer to get the best price on EE broadband, and you can even get your paws on 2-for-1 pizzas and cinema trips on Wednesdays. Here’s what’s what…

EE broadband deals offering discount to EE's mobile customers have been scrapped and replaced with cheaper home broadband and extra incentives for all new EE customers.


What it means is that, if you sign up for EE's home broadband, now you'll get 2-for-1 cinema tickets and Pizza Express grub on Wednesdays - even if your mobile phone's not on the EE network.


If you are on EE mobile, there's no more £10-a-month discount on EE broadband. You'll pay the same as everyone else, so prices have been dropped to compensate.


Here's how the new EE broadband deals stack up:



Speed Price
Unlimited broadband + weekend calls Up to 17Mb from £2.50 a month
Unlimited broadband + anytime and mobile calls Up to 17Mb from £7.50 a month
Unlimited fibre broadband + weekend calls Up to 38Mb from £5.00 a month
Unlimited fibre broadband + anytime and mobile calls  Up to 38Mb from £10.00 a month
Unlimited fibre broadband + weekend calls Up to 76Mb from £15.00 a month
Unlimited fibre broadband + anytime, mobile and international calls Up to 76Mb from £20.00 a month


You should note that none of the prices above include EE's line rental of £15.75 a month, although you can get cheaper line rental by paying for 12 months in advance - making it the equivalent of £11 a month - if you can afford £132 in one lump sum.


We also ought to point out that the prices above only apply to the first three, six, nine or 12 months depending on the package. The price you pay will be doubled at least for the remainder of your contract - so check before signing up.


As well as lowering prices for all new customers and extending its 2-for-1 incentive, EE's also slashed the cost of getting a new line installed - from £60 to £30 - and is even offering to help people leave their current provider before their contract's up.


If you're still under contract with BT or Sky, for example, and you want to switch to EE home broadband, EE will cover any early termination charges up to a value of £100.


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