Glastonbury 2014 app lets you pay at the bar with your mobile

Wellies? Check. Wipes? Check. Official 'companion' app created by Glastonbury sponsor EE? Erm … check. Now you’re all set for having the time of your life at the world’s greatest festival…

EE, the UK's biggest mobile network - and one of Glastonbury 2014's commercial partners - has launched a new smartphone app for festival goers.

Free to download on both iOS and Android, the official 'digital companion', simply called Glastonbury Festival 2014, is a bigger and better version of last year's hugely popular app - designed primarily for people taking smartphones to Glasto.

So, what does it do? Well, it'll let you create your own schedule of bands you want to see, there's a map to help you find your way around the site and - if you're stood in a loo queue with nowt better to do - you can stream BBC clips of performances you've missed.

It even lets you buy your drinks instantly at the bar using contactless payment.

Spencer McHugh, brand director at EE, said: "Improved social sharing capabilities, the resigned interface and improved map contribute to make this year's the most advanced, user-friendly digital guide to Glastonbury Festival.

"Our bespoke 4G network at the festival will make it even easier for Glastonbury goers to access all the exciting digital content, including live-streaming from the BBC."

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis added: "The app will hopefully help people navigate the site and make it even easier to find their friends and share their experiences."

If you're taking your smartphone to Glastonbury, then there's a ton of handy features buried within the app. The map in particular should prove very useful, for example, it allows you to stick a virtual pin precisely where your tent's located.

You'll probably want to carry a spare battery, or, in the likely event that you don't have a spare, take a portable mini-charger with you. However, unless you're on EE's 4G network, you might be stuck with rubbish mobile reception for most of the weekend.

Also, Glastonbury, or any such event for that matter, can be a hazardous death-trap for smartphones. So make sure you're adequately covered by insurance.

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