Mobile data roaming to fall by more than 50% from 1 July

The EU’s set new caps on mobile roaming charges, cutting the cost of calling, texting and using the internet on your phone while abroad significantly. We take a look at the new rates.

Hooray! Updating Facebook when abroad is about to be more affordable. Yes, all those sunny holiday selfies designed to make friends and family frothingly envious can now go up live, instead of having to wait until you're in your hotel or back home.

This is possibly why I don't have many Facebook friends.

New EU rules set to come into effect in on 1 July will cap roaming charges across Europe. Here's what you can expect to pay for using your phone on the continent from Tuesday next week:

  • Online data charges when roaming in EU countries will drop from up to 45c (36p) per MB to a maximum of 20c (16p)
  • Calls made within the EU will fall from up to 24c (19p) a minute to 19c (15p)
  • The cost of calls received within the EU will drop from up to 7c (6p) a minute to 5c (4p)
  • The maximum cost of a text drops from 8c (6p) to 6c (5p)

A few things to note - these prices don't include VAT and we converted the cost into sterling ourselves to give you a better idea of the changes, so don't take those figures as gospel, as obviously they're subject to changes in the exchange rate.

As you can see, data roaming is getting the biggest shake up, with maximum costs dropping a massive 55%. That's positive news for travellers, making it much more affordable to check plane and train times, look up restaurants, send a quick tweet - all the things that can enhance a trip abroad.

Mind you, while better than they were, roaming charges will still add up quickly if you don't exercise restraint. It's better to use Wi-Fi where possible, or, if you travel regularly, get a bolt-on that means you pay the same for using your phone in other countries as you do in the UK, such as Three's Feel At Home.

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