Glastonbury offers free Wi-Fi….via cow

Glastonbury goers this year need not worry about sailing over their data allowance within the first 3 hours on site thanks to EE’s free 4G Wi-Fi cows. Mooosic to your ears…

Glastonbury has partnered with EE to offer free 4G Wi-Fi to this year's festival goers. The Wi-Fi hotspots themselves are a herd of life-sized, fibreglass cows modelled on Worthy Farm's own dairy cows.

The mooobile (ahem) hotspots - powered by a bespoke 4G network installed on site by EE - will allow the Glasto crowd to log on and upload pictures and videos on the hoof (sorry) in record time and without chewing into their own data allowance. It's udderly brilliant (again…sorry).

Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE, said: "Staying connected has become an essential part of any festival-goer's experience and we are thrilled to be back supporting Glastonbury festival, helping to ensure those on site have the best possible experience."

The festival-themed cattle have been decorated by artist, Hank, who's famously been decorating the festival's steel drum bins since the 80's. Hank said: "It's not the first cow I've ever painted but it's certainly the most high-tech."

Obviously, free Wi-Fi means you can upload a multitude of pictures documenting your various eye-watering experiences with Glastonbury's portaloos, which is great, but will you still have life in your phone to take advantage of it?

Most smartphone batteries barely make it through a relatively uneventful day, so uploading videos is going to drain your phone's life blood faster than the news spreads that Arcade Fire are doing a secret set on the acoustic stage (aww you missed it… sorry dude, it was awesome).

The good news is that EE's also providing charging centres for free - or for a donation to charity if you want to express your gratitude.

And don't forget there are plenty of ways to tweak your phone settings before you arrive that will extend battery life, such as: turning screen brightness down as low as you can bear, switching all non-essential apps to "manual" rather than set to refresh/fetch constantly, ditching live wallpaper and background motion, turning off any location services, and only switching Wi-Fi at the point that you need it.

Then maybe, just maybe, you'll still be able to call your friends at night to find out where on earth you pitched your tent.

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