Hey Apple - size matters! Survey reveals people want a bigger iPhone.

A new survey about upgrading phones reveals that an iPhone’s still the number one choice. But what would persuade people to switch, and how much does the screen size matter? We take a look…

Well, it's confirmed. Bigger really is better - at least when it comes to iPhones.

A new report from investment firm RBC Capital Markets reveals that many of us are happy to pay more for an iPhone with a larger screen.

The survey quizzed 4,000 people about upgrading their existing handset. One thing that became immediately clear is that Apple smartphones are still the king when it comes to desirability. Around half (49.4%) said they were inclined to purchase an iPhone over other handsets.

Mind you, Samsung wasn't far behind. More than a third of people who took part in the survey - 37% to be precise - said they were leaning towards a Galaxy handset.

It seems that Apple and Samsung still hold the greatest amount of mindshare among the general populace then - leaving little left for the other manufacturers. Only 2.5% of people said they'd buy a Nokia/Microsoft (whatever they're calling themselves now), and the beleaguered BlackBerry was favoured by just 0.9%.

So iPhone's still popular, but the research revealed that many would pay extra for a little more screen real estate. Almost one in four people quizzed said they'd upgrade if there was a bigger screen, and more than a quarter of those who said they favoured a new iPhone said that they'd pay an extra $100 (around £59) upfront on contract for an iPhone 6 with a 5.5in screen.

Improved battery life was also a big want among smartphone owners, with 33% saying more juice in the tank would make them upgrade to a new iPhone. Again, a bigger screen could mean a bigger battery, so both groups would be pretty happy if this came to pass.

RBC seems to think so, too. It reckons that Apple releasing a larger-screened iPhone - which has long been the rumour - could boost sales by 20%.

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Would you pay more for a bigger iPhone or do you think that there's nothing wrong with the smaller screen? Let us know in the comments.

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