Microsoft unveils Nokia X2 phone - and it’s powered by Android

Microsoft jumps on the Android platform with its latest smartphone release, the Nokia X2 - but what does it have to offer?

Microsoft has released the latest addition to its family of affordable smartphones, the first since the completion of its takeover of Nokia's handset division.

Unusually, the Nokia X2 is powered by Android, rather than Microsoft's own Windows Phone OS which, according to Microsoft will deliver "an enhanced experience across apps, hardware and the user interface."

The X2 comes box-fresh with, Skype and OneDrive pre-loaded, and OneNote and Yammer - comparatively new kids on the app block - are available to download free from the Nokia Store.

Its predecessor, the Nokia X rapidly became the best-selling mobile in Pakistan and achieved enormous sales in India, Russia and Kenya.

Whether the X2 will achieve similar success remains to be seen, however its new features make it an attractive prospect: a larger 4.3in screen, 1GB of RAM - double that of the X - longer battery life and the addition of a front facing camera - essential for capturing those endless selfies. Plus it has the option to automatically back up the camera roll to OneDrive so you can take full advantage of the 15GB of free cloud storage on offer - saving you space on your phone and avoiding the out and out sobbing when you lose your phone and realise you hadn't backed up your snaps. Bonus.

It's set to be priced at just £80 when it is released next month making it a pretty compelling choice for people searching for an affordable smartphone.

But, does it compare with the other major players on the affordable smartphone roll-call like the Moto E, Motorola's own wallet-friendly smartphone? We wait with bated breath to find out.

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