Nokia no more – the end of a mobile legend is nigh

It’s the beginning of the end for the name Nokia on mobile phones. Leaked documents reveal that Microsoft won’t be using the name on future handsets as it’ll be using its own branding.

Well, it looks like it really is goodbye Nokia.

Ever since Microsoft bought the struggling phone manufacturer there have been questions over what it intends to do about the name. Now, a leaked internal Microsoft document on you-heard-it-here-first mobile site @evleaks reveals that the Nokia brand is on its way out.

It says that Microsoft only possesses the rights to use the name Nokia on Lumia handsets until November 25, 2015. That gives the Windows people 18 months to switch to a new name.

So when's it happening? It may be before the end of the year. The document suggests that future handsets, apps and other products will launch without the Nokia name. So, the next new Lumia will presumably be a Microsoft Lumia.

Not all Nokia-branded devices will have their name changed though. Handsets launched before Microsoft gobbled up Nokia will keep their names until they're phased out. That includes the likes of the Lumia 1020 and 1520.

Non-Lumia Nokia phones - primarily sold in 'emerging markets' - will also keep their names. These handsets - typically older devices primarily designed for calling and texting, and which don't use Windows Phone - are a well-known brand in these markets, so Microsoft doesn't have to change the name until 2024.

The news is not really a shock - Microsoft retired the name Nokia from its mobile phone business earlier this year, and Nokia will still exist as a network and mapping company. However, here's something that might make you go 'aw :(' - assuming you talk in emoticons - the famous Nokia tune could also be retired.

It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft brands its phones in the coming months as, for all its struggles since smartphones emerged, Nokia's still a big name in the mobile world. Microsoft, on the other hand, has struggled to get mobile devices like its Surface tablets to catch on.

The fact of the matter is Microsoft isn't perceived as a 'cool' brand like Apple or Samsung. If it tries to compete against them on that score - as it has in the past - we're not convinced it'll fare any better than Nokia has when it comes to establishing itself as a serious smartphone option.

However, Windows Phone is a great platform - intuitive and attractive - and the Lumia range are lovely phones. The loss of the name Nokia won't change that, and if Microsoft can get that message across, life after Nokia could be good.

Are you sad to see Nokia go? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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