No landline, no line rental - new broadband service lands in London

UK Broadband has announced Relish - a new broadband service that uses 4G to deliver speeds upwards of 30Mb. broadbandchoices went to see if it’s worth salivating over…

One for Londoners only - provider UK broadband has announced a new range of broadband and mobile packages for the city.

Called Relish, the new service uses 4G to deliver fast internet with speeds of around 30Mb.

Most fixed-line broadband services - even fibre optic ones - use your home's phone line for internet access. As a result, you have to pay line rental - even if you don't typically use a landline. There's a few exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, it's inevitable.

Because Relish uses 4G rather than cables, there's no phone line in play, so you don't have to pay line rental at all - something we know from talking to people is sure to be popular with some.

At the moment, there're two broadband packages available:

  • 1 month plans: £20 a month, £50 for the equipment
  • 12 month plans: £20 a month, no charge for the equipment

Reasonably priced, although it would be wrong to assume Relish is automatically cheaper than all fixed-line fibre packages - you can get up to 50Mb Virgin Media broadband for £19.99 including line rental for 12 months at the moment, for example. Similar offers will be available at other times, so it's still worth comparing your options before committing to a particular package.

But if you ask us, convenience is the bigger draw anyway. UK Broadband's committed itself to next-day delivery, and there's no engineer or technical expertise needed - you simply plug it in, wait for everything to connect and you're good to connect via Wi-Fi.

The lack of wires also means you can easily take it with you if you move house, so long as your new place is somewhere within the central London coverage area, of course. We can see Relish being rather popular with students for just that reason.

In addition to the broadband packages, the provider's revealed some mobile Wi-Fi packages too. These come with a small device designed to fit in your pocket, which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi when you're out and about.

Three plans are available:

  • 1GB data, £10 a month, £25 upfront device cost
  • 5GB data, £20 a month, £15 upfront device cost
  • 20GB data, £35 a month, no charge for equipment

Unlike the home broadband offering, these will switch to 3G when you're outside UK Broadband's 4G coverage area. If you tend to stray beyond central London, it may be worth looking at a nationwide 4G network like EE instead. EE announced its own range of personal Wi-Fi devices recently, which offer wider 4G coverage.

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