You can now download a full version of SwiftKey on Android for free

It’s a customised keyboard app that’s smarter than anything you’ll ever text or tweet, and now it’s completely free if you’re on Android. Read on for more details...

SwiftKey, described by its creator as the "world's smartest keyboard" for smartphones and tablets, is now completely free to use on Android devices.

From today, the SwiftKey app, which replaces your standard on-screen keyboard with a cleverer one that's better at predicting what you'll type next and helps speed up messaging on the go, is free to download from the Google Play app store.

Android's best-selling paid app, it was previously only free for a one-month trial after which you were asked to fork out £2.99 to keep the SwiftKey keyboard.

For iPhones and iPads, there's already a free iOS version called SwiftKey Note.

SwiftKey's founder Jon Reynolds said: "This is the start of an incredibly exciting phase for us. We've made the decision to go free, to better enable everyone, everywhere, to use SwiftKey's market-leading technology without payment being a barrier."

But what if you've paid for SwiftKey already? Well, if you're one of the poor suckers who's £2.99 down, there's a sweet little extra to take the edge off your feelings of bitterness.

You can download a 'Premier Pack' of 10 visual themes to change the colour scheme of your custom keyboard. Feel better about it now? No? Oh…

It's possible, however, that you might not need SwiftKey at all. Most new Androids have a standard keyboard with an option for speedy slide-typing, where your finger doesn't leave the screen between letters, a lot like SwiftKey's 'Flow' feature.

On the other hand, SwiftKey's predictive text function is pretty much second to none in terms of 'smartness'. It'll even proactively suggest emoji - those yellow smileys, doodles of kittens and so on - that you use frequently with specific words and phrases.

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