Watching Uruguay vs England on your phone? Keep an eye on your data…

Mobile network EE saw a massive increase in BBC iPlayer usage when England played Italy in the World Cup on Saturday night, but if you’re going to watch the Uruguay match while mobile, watch your data usage too…

Did you watch England's defeat to Italy in their opening World Cup match on your phone or tablet while you were out and about? Well it seems like a lot of people did.

Mobile network EE saw a massive 2,700% increase in people using BBC iPlayer, where the match could be streamed live, last Saturday night.

It also saw a 17% increase in Twitter usage, and a similar increase in Instagram and WhatsApp usage, around half-time, as people watching the match presumably sought to air their views on England's performance and post photos of where they were watching it.

In contrast, Facebook usage was down during the match, but picked up at half-time.

"England matches are always popular, even more so during the World Cup, and people are determined to watch them wherever they are, resulting in heavy use of iPlayer," said an EE spokesperson.

"We found it particularly interesting that social media platforms that demand more attention, such as Facebook, saw a slight fall in activity during the match - peaking again at half-time - whereas Twitter, which by its nature lends itself more to use during a match, peaked throughout."

If you're planning to watch England's second group match against Uruguay (it's on ITV Player, not BBC iPlayer, by the way) on your phone or tablet using 3G or 4G tonight, or any other World Cup match for that matter, keep an eye on your data usage.

That's because, depending on the device you're using, the speed of your connection and the quality you're watching it in, streaming TV for 90 minutes could use anything up to 525Mb, which would exceed the monthly data allowance of some mobile data plans in one go.

If this keeps happening to you, or you want to be able to stream more TV and films on your phone, it might be worth considering upgrading to a mobile plan with a bigger data allowance or even unlimited data.

Have you watched any of the World Cup on your phone? Let us know below.

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