Vintage TV now on Freeview - get your hipster on

Freeview has added a new channel to its selection - Vintage TV - a "destination TV channel for music of quality and longevity" it says. But what does it have to offer?

Vintage TV - the music channel devoted to bringing you the soundtrack to the 20th Century - is now available to Freeview viewers in the UK.

Vintage TV brings original programming each month, and hours of popular music, culture, fashion and trends from the last century - though we're assuming musical representation from the earlier part of the 20th Century is somewhat thin on the ground unless the makers are big fans of 'Put on your Old Grey Bonnet' by the Haydn Quartet, one of our personal favourites.

The channel also dips a toe into the present day, showcasing emerging talent who've been inspired by earlier generations and their sounds.

Programming includes performances from a wide variety of classic acts, interviews with musical legends of the past, and desert island disc style shows.

You can find it subscription-free on Freeview channel 242 as long as you have an internet-connected Freeview HD or Freeview+HD set-top box, TV or recorder.

Unfortunately for Vintage TV the hipster backlash has begun. Even The Guardian is talking about 'The end of the hipster: how flat caps and beards stopped being so cool' - and given that vintage is to hipster what coals are to Newcastle, is the writing on the wall?

Let's hope not, cos 'Put on your Old Grey Bonnet' just doesn't get the air-time that it should these days. Seriously, look it up - it's a classic.

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Like things old skool? Let us know if you've tuned in to Vintage TV yet. Leave a comment below.

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