Broadband news from June 2014

Broadband news from June 2014

  • Watching Uruguay vs England on your phone? Keep an eye on your data…

    Mobile network EE saw a massive increase in BBC iPlayer usage when England played Italy in the World Cup on Saturday night, but if you’re going to watch the… More »

  • Which city has the best broadband? New study reveals the answer…

    Not all cities are equal when it comes to broadband. That’s according to a new Ofcom report, which reveals the discrepancies between broadband coverage in built-up areas. More »

  • Amazon unveils its Fire Phone: Will it sizzle, or crash and burn?

    It’s been a long time coming, but now Amazon has officially announced plans to release its own smartphone this summer. Will the Fire Phone be any cop? Let’s find… More »

  • Is the government watching what you do on Facebook?

    Would it bother you if someone was monitoring all your social media activity, what you search for on Google and even your emails to cousin Barry in the US?… More »

  • These trousers can charge your smartphone - and they look good too!

    Microsoft and Adrien Sauvage have designed a pair of trousers that charge your phone while it’s in your pocket. looks over this fascinating fashion innovation… More »

  • Facebook’s new Slingshot app hits Snapchat’s camera-shy ‘spectators’

    It’s a new photo-messaging app with a difference - but not a big enough difference to stop us comparing it to Snapchat. Here’s what we know about Slingshot... More »

  • Tesco sets sights on Skype with low cost international calls app

    Supermarket giant Tesco has stepped into Skype’s territory with the launch of its Calling Card app allowing users to make overseas calls for a fraction of the usual cost. More »

  • YouView no more? Web-connected TV service may need a name change

    The High Court has ruled that the name YouView infringes on an existing company’s trademark. As a result, the TV service may have to find a new name. But… More »

  • Where were you watching the World Cup over the weekend?

    Two pre-tournament surveys showed that most people were planning to watch all the action from Brazil at home, but ITV Player going down during the opening match shows that… More »

  • 'NSA-proof’ Blackphone release date revealed

    The Blackphone - a handset designed for the security-obsessed - is set to launch in three weeks. What can it do, and how much will it cost? investigates… More »

  • Is an LG G3 Prime on the way?

    US trademark applications reveal that LG may be planning a Prime version of its LG G3 handset. But how much do we know, and is it worth getting excited… More »

  • Glastonbury 2014 app lets you pay at the bar with your mobile

    Wellies? Check. Wipes? Check. Official 'companion' app created by Glastonbury sponsor EE? Erm … check. Now you’re all set for having the time of your life at the world’s… More »

  • Nokia no more – the end of a mobile legend is nigh

    It’s the beginning of the end for the name Nokia on mobile phones. Leaked documents reveal that Microsoft won’t be using the name on future handsets as it’ll be… More »

  • iPhone 6 pictures leaked online - are they real?

    A pop star’s posted pictures of what’s apparently Apple’s latest iPhone. The images show a handset that’s bigger, with a visual redesign, but what else can we work out? More »

  • EE broadband deals and 2-for-1s even if your mobile’s not on EE

    You no longer need to be an EE mobile customer to get the best price on EE broadband, and you can even get your paws on 2-for-1 pizzas and… More »

  • Free public Wi-Fi hotspots are coming to Beverley town centre

    There’ll be free Wi-Fi access for Beverley’s shoppers, the same as what’s available already in Hull, before the end of June - just in time for the town’s summer… More »

  • You can now download a full version of SwiftKey on Android for free

    It’s a customised keyboard app that’s smarter than anything you’ll ever text or tweet, and now it’s completely free if you’re on Android. Read on for more details... More »

  • Now you can catch up on every World Cup match with the NOW TV Box

    ITV Player is coming to Sky’s box that turns your TV into a smart TV for less than a tenner, which means you’ll be able to watch the World… More »

  • Sky Sports 5 arrives with ‘best ever’ 2 years free broadband deal

    Fancy a new Sky Sports channel at no extra cost? How’s about not paying a nickel for your internet from now until summer 2016? It might sound too good… More »

  • For F’s sake! Samsung Galaxy F pics leak online

    Is the long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime actually called the Galaxy F? Does it really have a metal casing? What exactly does it look like? We take a look… More »

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