Broadband, TV and mobile news from July 2014

Broadband, TV and mobile phone news from July 2014

  • EE’s 4G signal reaches Cornwall and many other new areas

    Superfast 4G mobile internet's now available in a further 21 locations courtesy of EE, as coverage reaches 73% of the population, including more than 2,500 small towns and villages… More »

  • Would you admit to playing mobile phone games on the loo?

    Almost half of smartphone owners in the UK confess they play games on the toilet, while a third play at work and one in five can’t eat dinner without… More »

  • Fibre broadband roll-out in Wales to reach 66 more towns by June 2015

    Exchanges across areas such as Carmarthenshire, Conwy, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Swansea and Wrexham are to be upgraded with BT’s fibre broadband technology within the next 12 months… More »

  • Sky orders new reality show The Kings & Queens of Speech

    The new Sky 1 series will track school debate teams as they argue their way to victory in a series of tournaments - but when does it start and… More »

  • The Telephone Preference Service - how many calls does it stop really?

    The plague of unsolicited sales calls is nearly everyone’s bug-bear, but does signing up to the Telephone Preference Service stop them? More »

  • 2 for 1 pizza helps EE broadband grab a bigger slice of the UK

    Money off at Pizza Express and cinemas seems to be doing the trick for EE, which has seen home broadband sign-ups rocket by 45% over the last three months… More »

  • Porn filters a turn-off for up to 96% of new broadband customers

    Of the ‘big four’ broadband providers, all of which now offer a family-friendly content filter to new customers, only TalkTalk’s actually managed to persuade more than 8% of households… More »

  • Brickwork meets social network: Free Wi-Fi arrives at LEGOLAND Windsor

    LEGOLAND builds itself up for the digital age by connecting the bricks with free Wi-Fi - allowing guests to share their photos online or even reserve a place in… More »

  • Free Wi-Fi on the tube to be opened up to (almost) everybody in London

    Three joins the rest of the of the ‘big four’ mobile networks allowing customers to access free Wi-Fi on the London Underground, meaning 95% of Londoners can now use… More »

  • Majority of children in the UK have their own mobile phone by age 10

    Over half of under-10s have their own mobile phone, and as the summer holidays arrive it seems the UK’s parents have a tougher job than ever tearing kids away… More »

  • Broadband speeds bother businesses stuck in internet slow lane

    Business owners say the UK's broadband isn’t fit for purpose, and that the government should be setting more ambitious targets for bringing rural areas better speeds and service... More »

  • 2014, the year the World Cup went mobile - how’ve you kept up?

    There’s no denying the World Cup has the world captivated, but this year it’s not only our telly’s we’ve turned to for our footy fix - Brazil 2014 has… More »

  • Could you soon get 10Gb broadband speeds down your phone line?

    Researchers at Alcatel-Lucent may have found a way of squeezing ultrafast fibre optic broadband speeds down traditional copper telephone wires, but is it the future? For some people, yes… More »

  • TalkTalk gives away LG smartwatch free with new G3 smartphone

    Get a free LG G Watch worth over £100 when you get the critically-acclaimed LG G3 smartphone on TalkTalk Mobile, with plans starting from £25 a month with nothing… More »

  • Children got smartphones? Maybe you should download TimeAway

    The latest new addition to mum and dad’s arsenal is a free Android app that allows you to monitor and limit what your children can do on their smartphone… More »

  • Video shows 5G mobile internet reach phenomenal speeds of 5,800Mb

    Move over, 4G, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s come from the future to get us all excited about the crazyfast mobile internet of tomorrow. See… More »

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