EE customers can use phone instead of Oyster card to pay for the tube

EE, the only UK network provider currently offering a contactless payment service, announces the extension of its Cash on Tap service to cover London’s tube, DLR and Overground services.

Sick of rummaging around in your bag at the ticket barriers in search of your Oyster card? Or getting to the barrier and being hit with the dreaded red-light of rejection because you're out of credit?

Those days may soon be over… but only if you're with EE.

From 16 September, EE customers will be able to travel on the London Underground, DLR and Overground network using their mobile phone to make contactless payments.

EE, in partnership with MasterCard, has developed an extension to its Cash on Tap service which promises fast and simple contactless payments on your journey around the capital.

"As more and more people benefit from the simplicity, convenience and security that mobile contactless payments offer, it's rapidly becoming clear that the days of the physical wallet are fast becoming numbered." said Gerry McQuade, EE's chief marketing officer.

The service is free and the daily and weekly spending caps mean you won't pay any more than you would with your Oyster card.

If you're an EE customer you can already use your phone to pay in more than 300,000 shops nationwide, including Marks & Spencer, Caffé Nero, Pret A Manager and Greggs.

Marion King, president of MasterCard UK&I said: "(This) announcement brings the world's safest and simplest payment technology to the capital. The extension of MasterCard's contactless technology to incorporate all forms of travel will ensure that both Londoners and visitors will have the best possible travel experience."

The Cash on Tap app is available via the Google Play store for Android phones.

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