EE says sorry for the spam after sending customers a barrage of texts

Some EE customers are furious after receiving the same message dozens of times over the last 12 months, but what happened exactly?

Getting lots of unwanted marketing messages is annoying in any format, but text messages are arguably the most irritating of all - which you're probably well aware of by now if you're an EE customer.

For the last few days, people who signed up to one of the network's contracts have experienced a virtual barrage of texts from Orange - one of EE's brands - promoting its Magic Numbers service.

Magic Numbers let people on Orange specify specific phone numbers as 'favourites' and call them for free or at a discounted rate. Over the life of the plan, you can make more numbers 'magic'.

Last weekend, people on Orange received a reminder for the service, saying: "Hi from Orange. Congratulations: you can now add another Magic Number", followed by a link. However, due to a technical error, the reminder was sent to the same people multiple times, with some reportedly getting it more than 90 times in four days.

Understandably, those people were not happy, and took to social media to complain. One Twitter-er, Laura Brannan, wrote "Orange have now texted me 40 times in three days telling me I can add a magic number. Yeh, that's not annoying at all."

EE has apologised for the issue - according to BBC News, a member of EE's community team named Miles, wrote: "This reminder should only be sent once, but some customers are getting multiple reminders.

"If you've received any of these duplicate messages, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Remember: you're not charged to receive magic number reminders."

So, there's that at least, but the problem persists and customers remain up in arms.

Andrew Peel wrote on Twitter: "@EE @OrangeUK What will it take to stop your spam? Have now received 50th #magicnumbers txt in 4 days. Hope @Ofcom throw the book at you."

Another Tweeter, Steven Willis wrote: "Another day, another load of spam texts from @OrangeUK & @EE. Amazed it's not sorted, even @Ofcom must be sick of the complaints now."

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