Free Wi-Fi on the tube to be opened up to (almost) everybody in London

Three joins the rest of the of the ‘big four’ mobile networks allowing customers to access free Wi-Fi on the London Underground, meaning 95% of Londoners can now use the internet at over 100 stations…

The UK's four biggest mobile networks are now all aboard withthe idea of allowing customers to use free Wi-Fi on the LondonUnderground, after Three followed the lead of its rivals O2,Vodafone and EE.

What it means is, by the end of July, anyone on EE, O2, Vodafoneor Three, which is roughly 95% of the city's population, will beable to use the internet on their smartphone or tablet for freebelow ground at almost 140 tube stations.

It's a lightning-quick system run by Virgin Media, which alsoallows its customers to use the Wi-Fi free of charge in tickethalls and walkways, and on escalators and platforms.

Joe Lathan, director of broadband at Virgin Media, said: "Withevery network operator now on board with Virgin Media Wi-Fi onLondon Underground it's great to know we're keeping people on thetube connected at no extra cost to them.

"Our unique fibre optic network has enabled us to bringconnectivity to even the deepest tube stations and we're lookingforward to getting even more parts of the capital online."

The total number of tube stops enabled with Wi-Fi is set to jumpto 144 next week when Virgin Media brings another seven online,including Edgware Road and Ealing Broadway.

Originally launched for the London 2012 Olympic Games, VirginMedia's tube Wi-Fi was at first a free-for-all and anyone could logon. The following January, the freebie was revoked for everyoneexcept Virgin Media, Vodafone and EE customers.

Since then, O2 and now Three have joined the mix, so the onlypeople shut out are the likes of giffgaff and Tesco Mobilecustomers.

Those who aren't eligible for the free Wi-Fi can buy a pass fromVirgin Media for £2 a day, a fiver a week or £15 for two months -although it might work out cheaper in the long run just to switchto a mobile provider that offers free access.

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